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Has anyone used Beatmyquote.ca before?

Hi There,

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted on Debbie’s site…I’m an avid TA user but found that Debbie’s had the best Cuba information.

Hubby and I are thinking of booking the Sandals Royal Hicacos via Toronto April 27th (we’re from SK…no flights that time of year). Our TA (Escapes.ca) has a price offered but BMQ.ca is offering the same package for $154 pp LESS!! Is this too good to be true? Has anyone booked with BMQ.ca before?

Thanks. I love saving money!! ;D


On a recommendation from Someone on here,
I have tried them 2X in the past coouple of weeks,
and both quotes came in
over $100 cheaper overall.

See if anyone else will match the price, like a travel agent maybe.

I used them in late September for a trip in October - they were about $100 cheaper (each - savings of $200!) than anyone else and everything went off without a hitch. I’ll be using them again in the future for sure.
I phoned them and booked, had a confirmation email within an hour and three days later the e-tickets came in another email.

Thanks everyone…why book through a store front TA when I’m the one doing all the research, etc. Might as well get the best price…plus they are a TA. And I like to do my own research.


[quote=@lisa27]why book through a store front TA when I’m the one doing all the research, etc.

So you can see exactly who you are dealing with and getting the same price match with other advice as needed, instead of a call centre.

We used them for our trip last week and had no problems.

Check this out "PRICE MATCHING"

I check out website pricing from various sites. I try to find the lowest price. I print out the website pricing. Then go to either Sears or Marlin Travel for a Price Match and make my travel arrangements from there. It always works for me and am very happy with dealing with someone in front of me. If I have any further questions I go to the agent I was dealing with. Very Simple!

Lucky you jetpilot!

Unfortunately for me here in Vancouver, neither Sears Travel nor Marlin were ever in the slightest interested in price matching anything I found on a website.

I gave up on both of them years ago and book primarily with an on-line provider -escapes.ca- who have their storefront agency right here in Vancouver.

Haven’t used BeatMyQuote but I did check their pricing and it was the same as escapes.ca offered for the resorts I was interested in. If BMQ did have a lower price, I know that the people I deal with at escapes.ca would match it.

jetpilot - here is what the Sears site says- OUR PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE!
We will match any Canadian competitor’s advertised price.*
Since beatmyquote doesn’t advertise, Sears won’t match.

I was just looking at the beat my quote site. In order to get a quote it appears you must give them a valid charge card number. I would be worried that while I was “shopping prices” that they may book me without my knowledge. Once they send you the quote, are you obligated? How does it work?

All I sent was an e-mail address. They responded within 2 hours and offered $25 off the best price from another on-line booking service. I didn’t book with anyone yet, I’m just shopping.

Me too, I just provided the details of the resort, date, provider and source as well as my email address and they came back with $30 off per person. Was not asked for credit card.

I just went back and double checked. I guess I’m losing my mind!!! There is no place for a visa number. I think I need a vacation!