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Havana Club vs. Havana Club

Just wondering if any here have done comparative taste testing between Bacardi Havana Club rum and Cuban Government Pernod Ricard - Havana Club Holding company, Havana Club rum. Due to trademark registration reasons I guess, I don’t see Bacardi Havana Club sold in Canada or Alberta at least.

Assuming comparison of 3 year clear rum offerings which of the two brands has better flavor ?

Some background information on the Havana Club wars;

Interesting article. Wonder what’s happened since the article was published in 2006?

Thanks for sharing this article about Havana Club and its brand. It is very interesting to see things behind the scene as when I have sip of Havana Club I never thought what is involved behind it through the history. Thanks for sharing.

Here’s the latest news that I’ve seen about Havana Club wars.


[img src=“http://havanaclubrum.com/images/bacardi-havana-club.jpg” alt=" “][img src=“http://img.casadabebida.com.br/img/products/rum-havana-club-anejo-blanco_2_750.jpg” alt=” "]