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Havana Club

Hi all

Whats the price list for the entire line in Cuba? Best place to buy? Im a big fan of the 7 year and the dark.

Cheers all!

There is very little difference in rum prices across Cuba. Remember, prices are set by the government so they’re pretty much in line right across the board, especially with super high volume sellers like the HC 7 year.

You can run into occasional deals on the more exotic rums if for no other reason that some of them are fairly rare so they’re not easy to find. For example, the 750ml Havana Club Barrel Proof is readily available for 29.50 CUC, but the much rarer 1 litre bottle is a fabulous deal at only 33 CUC.

There’s also deals to be had on the el cheapo peso rum every now and then, but that doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in.

Lastly, have a look at this thread:


Have fun shopping…

The 7 year is about CUC 11 or 12 for the 750 ml.

The white rum is just under CUC 4 for the 750ml, just over 5 for the litre.

I know several people who much prefer Ron Santiago.