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Havana.......Live Radio Feeds

I was listening to a few local ( Ontario ) live radio feeds on line, as I have in the past, have had this site book marked for some time now. For some reason I thought I would just take closer look around this site and I happen to come across several Live radio feeds from Havana. I’m not much up on my Spanish…I’m working on that…but no doubt there are others on here that could keep up to what there saying.

Thanks for posting this, but every link I click on from that page doesn’t work :frowning:

The radio stations are working just fine. Excellent find ocanada, I will do some listening to those Cuban stations for the next while.

Have you got your speakers turned up?? I did not get anything at first either but then I turned up the volume when I discovered “Junior” had turned them down.
We call that a “Homer Simpson Moment” here. LOL

they wouldn’t load on my rogers internet, but got home to my shaw internet and they work fine… shrug

It may be the Media Player, or lack of…glad it works for you at home.


(Though I find it hard to imagine anyone willingly listening to Radio Reloj !!)