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Havana Tour From Holguin

I’m thinking of flying from Holguin to Havana for a hotel overnight (tour).
I’m really just looking for a flight and hotel/transfers. I wanted to see Havana on my own…but a tour package is an option too.

  1. Does anyone know what the cost would be with the tours from Holguin approx?
  2. Is there a website that may give an outline of all other tours from Holguin?

Any info or experiences would be welcomed.

Holguin/Havana return will be around $195 USD. There’s at least one flight every day. Have a look here:


A taxi will be about 20 - 25 CUC from Havana Airport into any downtown hotel.

For a one night stay you can’t go wrong with one of these properties:


Some great Havana info and advice here:



One source for what’s shakin’ in Havana:


Have fun.

Thanks a bunch…great info!