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Havana's first 5 star hotel is open


Havana’s first five star hotel, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana, has just opened:

You can read more on:



Can I get my Bubba filled at ANY of the bars???
Let’s go!


Lol I believe it will be pricey …not sure if they​ will accept bubba as they serve only champagne :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with champagne in a Bubba.

That place is so fancy they might even have toilet seats.


Lol. Hopefully paper too!


“Hopefully paper too!”

That would make it a 6 star.


That would be a “Cuban” 6 Star.


The Saratoga opened in 2005 as a 5 star hotel.

The Manzana de Gomez is a lot bigger, or course - but does bigger make it better ?


Wow it could be 6 start.


I hear rumours that Kempinski are considering pulling out.

By the way, the Gran Manzana is on Trump’s naughty list.