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Havana's first 5 star hotel is open


Havana’s first five star hotel, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana, has just opened:

You can read more on:



Can I get my Bubba filled at ANY of the bars???
Let’s go!


Lol I believe it will be pricey …not sure if they​ will accept bubba as they serve only champagne :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with champagne in a Bubba.

That place is so fancy they might even have toilet seats.


Lol. Hopefully paper too!


“Hopefully paper too!”

That would make it a 6 star.


That would be a “Cuban” 6 Star.


The Saratoga opened in 2005 as a 5 star hotel.

The Manzana de Gomez is a lot bigger, or course - but does bigger make it better ?


Wow it could be 6 start.


I hear rumours that Kempinski are considering pulling out.

By the way, the Gran Manzana is on Trump’s naughty list.


That. Is. Stunning. Too classy for this chick.


That website that you link for the visas is wayyy over-priced - EUR 59 for a green one (can be got for GBP 24 elsewhere) and EUR 189 for a pink one - which costs between US $ 50 and $100 in the US.