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Have I forgotten anything?


Hola good people of Debbie’s forums! :slight_smile:
Well, after reading your posts for months now and taking notes, I think I am ready for our trip to the D.R. next week. We’ve started taking the malaria drugs, and we are eating yogourt and taking the acidophilus. I’ve packed our school supplies for the children, and gifts for the maids, as well as t-shirts and baseball hats for bartenders etc. We have little dollies and cars for children we meet, and some Canada balls and frisbees. I’ve got the pepto, tums, gravol, immodium, polysporin and bandaids. Lets not forget the sunblock, lipbalm with spf, aloe gel, body butter (of course), insect repellant, shampoos and conditioners, body wash, body lotions, and other misc. toiletries. Won’t forget the perscription medications! I’ve packed a journal and pen (yes Lyndsey. . . I remembered! I just have to remember to write in it now! lol ) ;D I’ve got scented tealights and my thermal mugs. . . as well as palmolive dishcloths and I even managed to get some powdered sanitizer from the U-brew place! I’ve got clorox wipes and bounce fabric softener sheets and how could I forget the hand sanitizer!!! Of course I have all of this stuff in many ziplock baggies so nothing will spill! I have 2 colourful beach towels. We’ve got our U.S. money including lots of small bills for tipping, and I must remember to fill in our tourist cards! Oh yes. . . clothes!!! I’ve got too many sun dresses, and too many bathing suits with matching wraps and flipflops!(Baltobabe will be proud!) Sandals, shorts and tops, a light sweater (just in case), sunhats, oh yes. . . I just remembered the duct tape!! I’ve packed long pants for my husband, as well as too many nice tropical shirts with collars, and of course closed toe shoes. Let’s not forget his bathingsuits, and sandals and shorts and tops and shaving stuff. Oh yes. . . sunglasses :sunglasses: and glasses for both of us. Then there is the camera and battery charger, and an extension cord that I have filed the polarized plug down. I have some pringles packed. Hmmm. . . maybe I should put a few granola bars in our carry on! I also have an eyeglass repair kit. We have our money belts and passports, and tickets. . . very important. . . don’t forget the tickets!!! I also have my hairdryer and travel iron. Oh my. . . it’s a good thing Air Canada has so much weight allowance. . . I don’t think I would make it on a charter!!! :o Oh yes, I also remembered to pack a beach bag and of course I didn’t put anything sharp in my carry on.
Well. . . what do you think??? Am I ready??? Have I forgotten anything??? Oh wait. . . don’t tell me. . … of course. . . I have my great attitude all ready to have a wonderful time!!! ;D ;D ;D
Can you think of anything else???
Cat ;D :sunglasses: ;D

p.s. I forgot to mention the clothesline and clothespins and facecloths, and cipro. . . just in case!

updated to todays date


;DBoy you have not forgotten anything, just don’t forget to get yourself and husband to the airport LOL :sunglasses:


Good advice Highball! Might be difficult though with all that luggage! lol We fly to Toronto on Friday and then very early to the airport Sat. morning for a 6:30 a.m. flight to Punta Cana. Nice though. . . we will get there about noon their time. I can hardly contain my excitement. Getting verrrrryyyyyy hyper now!
Cat ;D :sunglasses: ;D


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: That was so fun to read this morning! Puts everything into such perspective really about going on this relaxing vacation! ::slight_smile: Thanks for the laugh with my morning coffee - & of course have fun! :sunglasses:


LOLOLOLOL you sound just like me!! My hubby has been shaking his head and laughing at me, but I know he will appreciate my thoroughness once we are there. One of the things that I find comes in handy, since I know no spanish, is a small calculator to use while discussing prices of things while shopping, as on other trips I have gone places where those I am talking to do not know english, and this has made it easier for me… other than that, I think you are all set!! Where are you staying, so if I forget something I can find you and borrow it from you, as it sounds as though you have not forgotten a thing!! :wink:

Barb :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: You are so right Inukshukgal! I have the calculator too. . . as well as a Spanish/English dictionary and phrase book. (forgot to mention that!)
Cat ;D :sunglasses: ;D


What a great list/laugh…
Did you mention having your airline tickets and birth certificates/passports?
Have a wonderful trip!!!


Yes…I see you did! :wink:


Oh my. . . gatorade!!! :o I don’t have any gatorade! ::slight_smile: Back to the store! :stuck_out_tongue:
Cat ;D


On your carryone donT forget to bring…one day of clothing just in case and 1 bathing suit…


This is an excellent list and I will refer to it as I pack. Don’t forget to take chewing gum and sinus pills in your carry on for the plane ride. I wish you happiness on your trip!


Gum. . . .that’s what I didn’t think of! Thanks Tina!
Notredame. . . yes, I have a carryon backpack all stuffed with everything I would need for the first day if they should lose all our luggage. If our room isn’t ready when we get there, then we can just grab our backpack and change, and head to the beach!
Thanks everyone for your ideas! You’ve all been a great help! ;D
Cat ;D :sunglasses: ;D


Hey Cat,
great list, I think I will just print and copy it for myself,
It will save me writing one out. You must have been a straight A student because you obviously have been paying attention here. ;D
Have a wonderful holiday !


I’d be lost without my music at the airport, on the plane and on the beach - headhpones and a MP3 player are on my can’t forget list as is reading material.


LMAO…Cat you r too funny…

Dont forget to bring warm weather home…leave the germs there.

Oh yeah do not forget to set your alarm clock to wake up to go to the airport. ::slight_smile:


Oh Yeah…

Do you have your fiests t shirt…if NOT, SHAME ON YOU CAT!!!




Cat, you’ve sure assembled an all-inclusive list for your all-inclusive vacation. ;D
How about a travel alarm clock in case you need to get up early for an excursion AND for a back-up at the hotel in Toronto for your early morning wake-up?
Have a great trip. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Hello Meandfamily! Of course, the travel alarm is a great idea. . . and I already have one packed. It’s just a cheapie from the dollar store, but it works just fine and they do come in handy. I also packed 2 small flashlights from the dollar store. Never know when you could use those. I once had the experience of being in a hotel room alone in Sudbury, when the power went out. It was absolutely black in the room and I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. :o A little frightening to say the least! Now I always pack a flashlight. My daughter laughs and calls me “worst case scenario Mom” because I always think of the “what ifs”! She’s just as bad as I am though when it comes to “being prepared”! I blame it on being a girl guide many years ago and that is their motto! lol
Thanks everyone for the “happy trip” wishes! ;D
Cat ;D :sunglasses: ;D


Hi Cat,

Awesome list. I have mine on the computer at work so it’s just a matter of updating each trip. Have been using it for years but even I picked up some good ideas from you!

Have a wonderful trip and if for some reason you’ve overlooked something, who cares! Have another Presidente and you’ll forget what you forgot. :slight_smile:



A- on your efforts.

Looks to me like you have gone through, or kept track of every single post with regards to "What is needed" in the Dominican, and even a few things that you may not.

But I must agree with marshne///no vacation would be complete without your Fiesta shirt!

Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee