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Have you heard of this at e Majestic Elegance

Going for our first trip To DR staying at the ME, going with group of seasoned travelers. we are booked in the elegance club, was looking online yesterday and saw that prices have dropped a small amount from what we paid( got a great deal travel agent going with us) I was told last night by another member of our party , that there is a special section of the ME reserved for Sunwing called the sun club , this area is supposed to be the best of the best, can any one confirm this.

No disrespect but wouldn’t the travel agent going with you have access to that information?

sunwing offers sunwing club at many hotels, including ME, but it is not the same as elegance club…a sunwing jr suite is not an elegance club jr suite…imho confirm with the hotel that you are booked in one of the two oceanfront bldgs !

right, a sunwing club package has nothing to do with a elegance club location. many touroperators have at many resorts their different packages which they offer with their name on it, that’s why such a package can only be booked in that name with a specific touroperator. the same for sunwing, nobody else than sunwing can book you a sunwing club package at any resort. you have to check with them prior to booking what their club-package includes. at some resorts such club packages include extras like i.e. private check in, extra number of dining at the a la carte restaurants, usually it includes a specific room category or a specific building at the resort, some include the newspapers deliverd to the room in the morning aso aso.
only your tourrep where you book such a package can tell you what you booked with him.
and of course i agree with the written above:
the travel agent in your group should know it in every detail.
happy travel

Yes I agree the travel agent should know, but I am trying to get my ducks in a row before I talk to him about the price drop. It’s better to have all the info together than sound like a fool. I have heard alot about this forum in the past and wanted to get some good info, thanks for your help

Prices drop and go up and down like a yo yo all the time, the tour op’s have booked rooms in blocks at a set price with the resorts and try to get them sold, when not selling prices go down, when selling prices go back up. You have booked and you will get no where except self satisfaction complaining to a seller.
I booked in September and a week later prices went up $600, another week later it was sold out, luck of the draw.

the 23rd come’s closer.
during the last days i cleared a huge amount of extra space in the house to store all those x-mas presents from ya dry and safely, he he.
that early and middle and late booking stuff is a real gambling, i am not a gambler.
i usually book as far ahead of time as i know the dates set, i want to know exactly when with who to where i go. and right, mostly i hear or see afterwards that i would have gotten the same for a better deal when booking some weeks later or just a few day prior to departure, but everybody his own, i would get nuts to see that the stuff i am looking forward to since a while is sold out because i waited a bit too long.
happy travel