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Headed back to the Ambar

Yippeeeee, we are headed back to the Luxury Gran Bahia Ambar! So looking forward to getting away from this dreadful winter we have been having. Our 5th time back to our little piece of paradise.

We are headed back as well, March 30th to April 13th, this will be our 5th time as well. Enjoy your holiday.

It is our little piece of paradise and so looking forward to it. Especially after this storm in Toronto we are having!

Yes you too enjoy, you do not have long to wait now.

Nice !! When you are going? This storm looks like will never stop … started last year and still going on and on and on …

We leave April 11 for 2 weeks, so looking forward to it. Yes that storm was brutal, still really cold out tho.

I have heard from other fellow member on http://debbiesreviews.proboards.com/board/22/general-cuba-board “We are trapped in a snow globe and some jerk keeps giving it a shake!” :slight_smile:

Here is a quick update live from the Ambar, the towel game has changed! You can now go to the pool and save your palapa, then go back to bed. Only catch is that you better do it before 5:30am, or there is nothing left.

Hey arlauski - apparently this is changing as we speak, the rules will apply once again, if you go down to reserve a palapa, you must sit there until 8:00 a.m. Too many people reserve chairs at the pool and the beach and not use them until later leaving others walking around looking for shade. Security will, once again, be authorized to “remove belongings” on chairs that have not been sat on (until 8:00 a.m.) I do not know why this rule changed, but I am happy that management is going to enforce it once again. So no more dropping towels and running back to bed. The beach, however is a free for all.

We’ll as of this morning the rules had not changed. I have not gone back to the pool yet, but I haven’t heard any yelling and screaming. I will check with the manager and see if this is indeed changing. Besides, once I’m up, hard to go back to sleep. Hope you have a great holiday. Thanks for the heads up.


Up tp the time that we left on Sunday, the towel game had not yet changed. I spoke with one of the “managers”, and according to him, there was no plan to change it back. However, you never know what tomorrow brings.

Ahh…good to see the towel game is still in full swing there…somethings never change, and its been years since I was there and got to play that game!

Interesting game it looks.Hope will play it for once.



Actually, I spoke at length with the guest services manager while I was there, about certain issues, this being one of them. This is the response I received the other day:

" At the moment reservation is allowed for loungers/palapas at the pool ,but that does not means that it will remain like that, actually there is new corporate format of ¨No reservation Allowed¨ to be place at the palapas again, the old format was taken due to some inconvenient and the new one with new informacion will be put in the up coming days and will still be ¨ No reservation allowed but probably with new time and specification.

If you need any further assistance do not hesitate in contacting us again. "

It was pretty sad to see people throw their towels down and not show up for 3-4 hours. There were alot of older people there looking for shade, so I told them to go tell security and they removed the towels. There were a few dirty looks from the people that reserved them in the first place, considering they were returning from the beach expecting their chairs to be there.

Just thought I would let everyone know.