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Heading to Cancun, any must do or see activities?


Heading to Cancun in less than 3 weeks. Been to Mexico often but never Cancun. Have done Playa del Carmen multiple times and am familiar with the Mayan Riviera. Are there any must do or see activities or attractions in Cancun or close by?


It’s a long trip but visiting the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza was the highlight of my visit. Tulum is another ruin that is a little easier to get to.


Well we did the Captain Hook Pirate thing…kind of cheesy family entertainment, 1 hour too long, they packed too many people into a small space. Once dinner(not bad) was done a pirate show and then dance party. Also did Xoximilco a Mexican fiesta tour through some mangroves. Good if you are Spanish just ok if not. Good food, drinks and music but geared to the Mexican crowd who really seemed to love it. Other than that the local buses are always fun and cheap entertainment. We played guess which route has the aspiring F1 Driver. The winner was route 2, those guys can drive with the best of them while making change and picking up passengers.