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Heads up on the Bahia Principe and Laventado


I just thought I’d let everyone know that Air Transat has put a STOP SELL on vacations to the Bahia Principe and Laventado…I’ve been told by a very good source that Air Trans rep’s have had too many complaints about these resorts…It was also suggested that they should have waited for these resorts to iron out the bugs before they decided to send people…sounds like they didn’t do their homework…we just canceled our 2 week stay at the Principe and are getting a full refund…we asked about moving over to the Laventado and it’s was highly suggested we cancel…


Which resort were you going to. Samana or El Portillo?


Hello kz91tt,

We were in Las Terrenas in October, we did the catamaran tour and stopped at Cayo Leventado. The hotel was still being renovated. Also, lots of constructions going on at El Portillo, and Bahia Estella. I also found the the Viva Samana, where we stayed and down graded to a three star after we booked, was not up to par with Canadian standard. The hotel grounds were clean, the food good but the room, I found, just did not measure up. Although the area has potential… it is a beautiful area, we should give it some time, I think… anyway.



When were you going?



Just checked Transat Holiday website and you can still book a trip to all 4 resorts but have also heard of people getting full refunds too.


we were going to the Samana last 2 weeks of January…since I had been getting most of my information from this website…which was much appreciated…I just thought I would post the information that has been given to me…my intent was not to upset anyone…just to let people know what Air Trans said to us…this is my last post for the Samana forum…have to find another trip…thanks to all for your information…


Ooh, that’s very interesting. My husband and I are booked for the last week in January with Air Transat. That’s worrying. I’m going to check in with my agent.


We just came back last night and we stayed at the Wyndham Samana and it was wonderful. Yes the rooms could use some reno to them however the service and food was excellent. We had friends stayed at the El Portillo and they hated it!!! Service was horrible they said. They had to wait in line 20-30 mins for the buffett. They had to ask for towels all the time etc. We had no isses with any of our services!!! And to be honest we got a villa room and it was quite a huge room!


There’s some very discouraging reviews on TripAdvisor as well. Many people looking to get their money back and one couple who is there right now saying the place is still under construction.


I am also concerned about our first trip scheduled 3/31/07. Is Air Transat a TA? Are the chief complaints just having to do with the construction? Help?


Hi folks: I too am very concerned about the reviews so far concerning El Portillo. My family will travel on Feb 6th for one week. We are frequent travellers and go south every winter. I have asked my travel agent to check with Sunquest to see if they have concerns. I will post their response once my TA gets back to me.


This topic was in Samana: To clarify as I am a newby, are we talking Bahia Principe Punta Cana (where we are booked) or just Samana resorts?? thanks for the clarification


The poor reviews that I have been reading have been specifically on Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado. What a huge disappointment as it sounded so beautiful and so promising!