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Healthy Eating- Meal Plan

:o OK, So I have about 3 months till beach time…any suggestions on a meal plan that will help get this 40 something body closer to swimsuit shape. I cannot blame my extra weight on my babies anymore…they are 15 and 13 now!! :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to have a decent healthy eating plan- which is tough with my extremely hectic schedule. I do not like eggs, fish, cottage cheese or oatmeal, and every meal plan I have seen have these. If anyone has some suggestions, especially if they have worked for them I would be very grateful. Feel free to PM me any suggestions you have. Thanking you in advance…

sent you a pm

Why don’t we share any info we have:) Please

I sent a PM as well. But I will share for anyone interested.

I have done Weight Watchers in the past with success. The good thing with this program is you get to choose foods you like to eat. There is another program that started here in the Maritimes called Simply for Life. It is a very healthy eating plan but can be hard to follow as there is alot of cooking and prep work involved. No packaged foods! You get one on one counseling and individualized meal plans. I know the outcome of not only weight loss but good eating habits will be worth it but I am struggling a bit. You get plenty to eat but the food is whole food usually prepared from scratch. If you want more info., pm me.

Slightly off topic, the LA Weight Loss centres here in Nova Scotia have closed due to tough economic times. There are alot of people who have paid for memberships and products who might be out of luck.

Good luck to everyone on the never ending healthy eating/weight loss/fitness journey! If any of you have discovered a magic pill, please let me know.

Thanks so much for sharing & yes Weight Watchers does work, I lost over 80lbs back a few years ago, now I have since fallen off the wagon, but trying hard to climb back on:)

Also a weight watchers fan. I never actually joined, just got the info. and points from someone who had, and also used their on line site (still do). Worked for me!

To watch the food you eat is very important.
But the workout is at least the same importance…
So get on a threadmill and do miles a day…
I forgot when I was 40 (well, almost forgot) and I do miles a day. And I feel better since I do.
Did I loose weight? Yes, not much, but never been overweight (maybe a few kilos only)

Well said JoeCan

Walking is the best… walk your dog… bring the garbage out… clean the snow off the porch for you husband… :sunglasses:

And no PRE prepared meal… all from scratch… makes a difference.


I saw this on TV so I know its true. ;D

  1. Quit current diet, stop dieting forever.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Exercise daily – cardio and strength
  4. Eat 5 times a day, smaller portions, all food types (3 meals 2 shakes).
  5. Reduce stress.

I also did Weight Watchers (twice) it is a great program. My only problem is once I got to my goal and I would gradually start to gain and then get bigger then when I first started!!! It has been a struggle but have found the key now to be smaller portions, drink lots of water and the dirty word EXERCISE. That unforunately is my biggest down fall, I do exercise but I hate it!! By the way does anyone else find that as soon as you say you are starting a diet you get more hungry and everyone seems to try and get you to eat something you shouldn’t. (Oh come on, it only 1 cookie, piece of cake, beer etc.!!!)

Good point about the exercise. I am very fortunate to have a neighbour who I walk with 4kms every morning. We have been doing this for 2 years now, and we very very rarely miss a day. We meet outside my house @ 5:45am and are in about 30 mins. And after 2 years of seeing each other at that time of day, we still enjoy each other’s company ;D

When the sidewalks are too slippery (like the last couple of days) I have a treadmill I use instead. 30 minutes walking a day is not much exercise, but better than nothing! (and helps keep the lbs off)

We are seriously thinking of buying a treadmill, but I am afraid that we will not use it:)

Threadmill, or similar torture equipment is your best friend, even if sometimes we are doing something else with a bigger smile on our face.
How I’m saying: “The masochist delight”. But does the job.

soccermom…I love what you hate! I have oatmeal every morning. I love eggs & fish. Cottage cheese…maybe not so much.

It’s all about the ‘prep work’. As long as I take the time to cut, chop and dice my veggies & fruit for the next day or 2…I’m OK.
It’s those times when nothing is ‘prepared’ that I grab a cookie (or 3). Or some crackers & cheese… :o

I don’t follow any plan…I eat what I like and stay away from sugar, white flour, fast food & most processed foods.

12 lbs. down and 13 more to go…

Cardio 30 minutes 5 times/week
Weights 2- 3 times/week

Thanks to everyone who has PM’d me and given suggestions. I have a combination of 2 that I am going to start DECEMBER 1 :stuck_out_tongue: so wish me luck. Making up grocery list, and doing the shopping this weekend. I agree the planning is important. Between my 830-430 job and my kids soccer schedule (6 days a week) and my daughters job (15, does not drive) I am crazy busy…so, some planning, and preparing is what I will do. The excercise thing is going to be the hardest, something I can pop in the DVD player would be good. My daughter wants to do it with me, but says we need a routine or plan mom- or I will be on the floor laughing for most of it (gotta love kids) so any suggestions for that would be great…Wish me luck! Will report back in February. ::slight_smile:

I sent you a PM soccermom and it looks exactly like what tanlines wrote.

Oh and another small tip - 90% heathy eating and 10% cheating is OK… i think.

For me that means I can treat myself to 1 (ONE) very small order of natchos and chicken wings (home made) over the weekend. ;D and always look out for portion control.

a treadmill is a good idea because it cuts out excuses, i used to say i had no time to go to the gym, and it can be true because driving there, changing etc can add up to an extra hour or more! but with a treadmill there are no excuses, hop on while dinner is in the oven, watch your favorite show while you’re walking, we have ours in the basement, but bought a little tv to put right in front of it because we knew we’d never use it if it was staring at a brick wall! now i come home, prepare dinner, fire it in the oven, hop on the treadmill watch tv for half an hour while jogging, and it works!! i hate jogging, i want to curse the day i was born while jogging, but how i feel when its over is incredible and makes me want to get on it again the next day!!

I always said I would get a treadmill because I thought I would use it, 3 years ago I went to buy one and was told to get an eliptical instead that it uses more muscles and you don’t have to go as long. 20minutes and better results, I did buy it and find it does work but still think I would like the treadmill better.

I made a pretty good research on the Net, and the verdict was: the best is a threadmill. Eliptical or others are good too, but looks like the threadmill is the best…
Yes, it is boring to watch the wall behind, but to buy a TV and maybe a DVD player makes the exercise a piece of cake. Sometimes I do start to watch a game, and I forgot about time… so I do 45 minutes or more until is the end of the game (first half)