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Helicopter Trips - Costa Dorada


Hi all

Im going on my honeymoon in July 2007 staying at the Iberostar Costa Dorada. Cant wait.

Can anyone tell me what helicopter trips are available and the approx cost per passenger. Is there a reputable vendor there to arrange it?

Id like to surprise my Husband, neither of us have been on a helicopter ride before, he’d love it to bits!



Right across the street from ICD (in the plaza) you will find Isaira Tours (www.isairatours.com) They can assist you with a Helidosa helicopter tour. The range from about 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length and cost in the range of $100US - $140US pp approx. and include transportation from ICD to the Playa Dorada landing pad and back. If you find crossing the street scary (it definitely can be) take the Isaira Tours phone number with you and at the start of your vacation call Martin and he will arrange for you to be picked up and brought to his office to make the arrangements.

Martin Espinal is above reproach as far as Tour Operators are concerned and I recommend him unreservedly.



I second the recommendation of Martin and also the Helidosa Helicopter. Last year my birthday treat to myself was a 30 min trip, went up over Ocean World them down to Cabarete. Landed as the clock read 29.58!! Talk about timing!! The pilot was kind enough to come back over my hotel so I was able to take loads of aerial shots some of which the manager wanted copies of.

Enjoy!! Cheers Amandalou :-*