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Hello ... has anyone stayed at Majestic Elegance?

This is kind of a repost … Sadly we are seriously thinking of booking a different resort
We are going to Majestic Elegance on June 14 2009 for our 10 day honeymoon. We have been to Sunscape The Beach 3 x in the last four years and loved it. We are an easy going layed back couple,who lean way more towards forgiving than complaining. Im sure that the kinks reguarding food and staff issues will work out by 6/14/09 My worries are about the numurous post about poor and unfinished construction. Live electrical wires and water dont mix very well especially with live people. My other concerns are,sewerage smells,people getting sick,ect. Can anyone who has been there please help us out with some solid information? Or anyone who went through the soft opening at Majestic Colonial offer some insight.This is really important to us.

thanks for any help offered

Hi, I just booked the Majestic elegance from june 7th to 14th. The resort sound great. Thats a whole 6 months from now. I hope thats enough time to iron out the kinks.
I have read posts from people that have already stayed and they were happy with most of the stuff that could be controlled.
Just think… Its new. whatever problems they have encountered in the opening they MUST fix. Its a business, they have invested lots of $$$$'s so do you think that they are just going to keep the place crappy (no pun to the so-called sewer smell)??
I hope not.
I have faith in the resort that they will address all problems.

Good Luck

hey jojodice…we stayed at ME late december, check out our short review at DebbiesRR and email me if you have specific questions