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Hello my fellow travelers and passionate lovers of Caribbean

I would like to introduce myself to all of you!
My name is Zee and recently I opened ForumCuba.com . I am traveler just like all of you who loves to spend time on the forums and enjoys traveling to exotic countries and sharing experiences with others. By the way I am proudly Canadian and even I was not born in Canada this country became my permanent home for 20 years. First time 1999 I went to Cuba and since then I have traveled to Cuba more than 30 times. I am just like many of you someone who enjoy traveling to Caribbean countries. I am proud father of 2 young kids and my lovely wife happened to be Cuban.

I would like to thank all of you for being loyal to this forum for so many years. You are the ones who made this community valuable and worth something that should not be deleted just like that over the night. I have heard many stories since Eddie announced that he will close forum and websites. Stories such as that this forum helped organize many helpful and humanitarian organizations such as “Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation” members who help run orphanages and schools in DR and other goodwill organizations. My life was not always easy. I lived through war many times without food and good sleep or clothes at young age. I am always thankful to Canada for giving me a chance to live better life so I should give a chance to kids in Dominican Republic at least by keeping this forum up and running with your support.

In today’s world of big corporations and one company takes it all might work for some but not for all of us. I believe in competition and good hearts of the people on this forum to make it better than ever. If you have any suggestions please let me know. You can send me a PM and I will make sure that this forum grows and stays attractive to new members.

I wish to thank everyone who posted on this forum because you are the ones who made this forum the best on the Internet. On my end I will make sure it stays that way. We will together make Debbie’s forum number 1 again!


Welcome Zee. Thanks for “Being There” when we needed you.

Thank you Spunky!

I got this same e-mail, I think a clearer explanation is in order

8-)Thank you Debbie for bringing this back to what Debbies was.


Hello iggy1,
thanks for coming to read this thread. Yes forum is under new management and I am here to answer any questions you have or any explanations that you might need!
Together we are going to make this forum the best on the Internet!!


[quote=@bergerman] 8-)Thank you Debbie for bringing this back to what Debbies was.


Thank you bergerman for participating and leaving your comments!!

wonderful, best thing that could be done is put most threads on one page, so that everyone reads them rather than getting lumped on a board that no one reads. This used to be a great board with some really knowledgeable people, a lot of them left but I’ll bet with a little prodding they’d come back. I’ll see if I can do my part

Thank you iggy1 for helping out! I agree that this house has many rooms so kids wandering around and can’t find each other to play together. I will look into it thanks for your suggestions and thanks for helping and doing your part!

Dear Zee,

You started www.forumcuba.com correct? And now you’ve taken over this forum as well, correct?

Are you keep the two forums separate? If so, why? Are you retaining the “Debbies” name?

Most importantly, are any of the Debbies moderating staff remaining on board or having anything whatsoever to do with the administration of this new forum?

Thank you.


good questions Terry
I await the answers to your questions

Zee, I guess many of us are wondering what your plans are. Debbies was a popular Cuban travel site at one time and I hope that you’ll help to revive it. Obviously changes need to be made - maybe just a restart with some new moderators. It’s like a sports team - it’s easier to change the coach than a bunch of the players.

The biggest reason why I left this forum: The moderation was over the top and heavy handed. If you are retaining the same moderators than nothing will change. Moderators, IMHO, should not be involved in discussions.

If that aspect of forum management hasn’t changed, I don’t hold out much hope for this forum. This was one of the best forums at one time on the internet for Cuba. It was a shame to watch it go downhill. Even when this forum was in its death throws in the last month or two, the mods still continued their intrusive behavior. they really didn’t “get it.”

I’m not a mod and I can’t ever recall having a post or thread removed here by anyone, so I think I am pretty unbiased. I think mods should only intervene when posts become personal attacks or contain vulgar language. I think it’s asking a lot for a mod to constantly monitor a web site and not be able to post their opinions, unless they are paid. I’m assuming they are not.

Perhaps an answer is that mods should not be able to remove posts, just remove spam. I think a properly run forum should be self regulating. If someone goes overboard, other members should tell them to cool it. To set an example, your post sssnakes is getting personal and I know you have a lot of personal feelings that need to be addressed. I have no problem with a your thought, but it really needs to be written less harshly. TA stinks and I would really like to see Debbies survive. Just my thought.

Cubavisitor makes your point with a little more kindness.

Hello cheersterry, iggy1, cubavisitor!! First of all thank you for participating in discussion and bringing out very important points on how to refresh this forum and make it better place for all of us. At this moment I am gathering information and looking to make this place the way it was 10 years ago. Many things will change and changes will be positive for this community. New rules will be in the place but not too many rules at the same time!! To answer some of your questions:

  1. Are you keep the two forums separate? If so, why? Are you retaining the “Debbies” name?

For now yes both forums will be alive! Debbies forum has been online for long time and has good positions in the search engines, lots of good threads and good information, lost of existing members and we can get more members easier to our big community and that means more discussions etc
Debbies name is well known in this industry as well as logo so yes Debbies name and logo will stay! As we all know Debbies forum runs of the free platform and we can’t move it to our private server and that means some restrictions such as custom coding for the forum is not easy to implement etc. Debbies forum was here before forumCuba.com and Debbies forum will stay. All members who wish to participate and join to forumcuba.com can do that and are welcomed and vice versa! Debbies forum is not only about Cuba but many other Caribbean destinations.If we take look http://debbiesreviews.proboards.com we will see that Mexico, Jamaica, El Salvador, Costa Rica sections have many good threads and discussions. It is true that most members on this forum travel to Cuba and that most active part of this forum is Cuba part but Debbies forum is made to be for all other travel destinations so it wouldn’t be right to forget about other travelers who enjoy to travel to Mexico for example.

  1. Most importantly, are any of the Debbies moderating staff remaining on board or having anything whatsoever to do with the administration of this new forum?


As we all know this forum was great place to come and chat and talk with other travelers, exchange valuable information and have fun at the same time! Unfortunately not managing this forum properly and forgetting about valuable members of this forum who made this forum popular things changed :frowning: and this forum started to go somewhere where it should not be! That means changes must be made on all levels. Some people will not like it but change is always good. I own Debbies forum for about 38 hours and a few changes already happened. Stay tuned as more will happen soon.

I am very glad that you posting here and that we have this conversation. All suggestions are welcome and looked at seriously as this forum must become what it used to be. I encourage others to participate as well. I wish we have happy and healthy community without crazy rules and fights. We all love Cuba and other Caribbean countries and we should spread that warmth and love and simplicity of countries where we love to go and enjoy our free time. How many of us go on vacation and spend 7 days or 14 days mad and angry or wants to fight. Not too many! So this community should be reflection of our feelings while we are on vacation so changes must be made asap so that we are back on the track!


“ … I can’t ever recall having a post or thread removed here by anyone, …”

Oh My. Posts were deleted over-and-over-and-over. People might not have noticed because there was no post noting “This post has been removed …) as happens on TA. The mods seemed to take personal offence towards anyone who didn’t sing from the same song sheet. There was no place for a variety of opinions. It degenerated into a feel-good, pat-on-the back site instead of a site that welcomed anything evenly mildly outside-the-box. It became like spoon-fed pablum, which was really unfortunate.
There is interest in seeing where the new forum will go, as evidenced by the high number of people who have logged in (either as guest or member) in the last day.

I’m not a mod either, and if you ask someone to be a mod, they must have some interest in the subject being covered or be getting paid, or why would they want to be a mod? So my opinion is yes a mod should be able to post and have an opinion. However, they must never alter a subject without having a behind the scenes talk with the original poster
I had a post moved a couple weeks ago and I find that ridicules, I decide where I want to post, and if it doesn’t fit in then speak to me, don’t just move or alter it.

Sorry Mad, I was referring to me. None of my posts/threads were deleted and that’s why I thought I might be unbiased. Agree that there were lots of posts that were deleted and also agree that removing them entirely is not good. If there are offending words, then those words should be X’d out. That would be a reasonable solution. A variety of opinions is essential to keep a good forum alive and healthy.

The very last thing I want is a forum that is nothing but cheerleaders.

I think we will all have to wait & see what Zee has in mind. So far positive but …

Pablum … I used to love Pablum 60 years ago. May need it again soon. Can you eat it with rum instead of milk?

madrugada I can assure you that your posts and posts of others will not be taken down anymore. You are the one who make this forum valuable you and other members like you. We all love to exchange opinions and travel experiences! We have to fight spam and not our valuable members! If someone do not act properly we as community have to tell that person to behave not mods. Mods have to delete spam and make forum clean from the spammers and of course participate in discussions and give their own opinions and help members if they need help.

madrugada I am glad that you post and be assured that your opinion counts. maybe that was not a case before but now is!

[quote=@dax] A variety of opinions is essential to keep a good forum alive and healthy.

Exactly. Different opinions are good as we are all different! Bad words bad behavior nobody needs. Spam we have to fight and delete not our valuable members posts!