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HELP - consent for international travel with a min


I need some help.

I will be traveling to Punta Cana with my 12 year old child from a previous relationship. We currently have no legal documentation for custody. It was always understood that our son live with me. Now, I need to obtain a letter of consent to travel with him to the DR. He will be arriving with me but leaving alone with his grandmother… I will be staying an extra week for my honeymoon :slight_smile:

Can I draft a letter myself, have it notarized by a lawyer then sealed by the embassy?? Is this legal? Or do I need a lawyer to draft up the letter??
I have moved your thread to the Question Forum as you will get a lot more answers there IMHO (stillgotit)


I think your question is pretty well answered in our FAQ section. It appears that some paperwork will be required. The country you are flying from/to also affects what is required.


I’ve had to have the letter of consent a couple of times traveling with my daughter. And I have full custody. What I have done is write the letter myself and gone with my ex to the notary and had it signed and stamped by her. I would just write up the letter stating the date you will be leaving with your child and that your child will be leaving on whatever date accompanied by and that person’s name. Then have your ex go with you to the notary and have it signed together. Don’t forget to bring ID, I have done a lot of work with my notary and she knows me but we still have to show ID. Also attach a picture of the child just to make it complete.


Thank you Tanzie - your response helps a lot. I wasn’ t sure if I drafted a letter it would be legal. Now I know.

I’ll start on that asap…we leaver in 37 days…YAHOO!!!


The passport canada site has some sample letters. Pretty helpful rather than starting from scratch.




tanzie, were you ever asked to see the letter…either down in dr or when you returned to canada?!?


The first time I was asked here at home before getting our boarding pass. That was the only time I was ever asked. I always have one just in case but haven’t been asked since 1996 (that was the first time I took her, she was 5 then) After that she was older and no one ever asked. Last year was the last time I took her and they didn’t ask, she was 13.


Thanks for all your help. My son is 12 years old. I have his passport and I will aslo draft a letter with all the required information (just to be safe) and have it notorized.


bride07 glad you are taking the great advice that has been given to you by all the members who have posted here. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry :sunglasses:


I’m a lawyer and we draft these letters for people quite often - the sample from the Passport Canada website is the one we use and I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with it.