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Help! Find hotel near Av 3 & Calle 30

My friend has booked a flight to come with us to Varadero next week. His hotel reservation was just cancelled as the hotel was overbooked and he is tring to find a place to stay near us. We are staying at the Mar del Sur. He dosn’t want to try to get a room at Villa La Mar as he is worried it will be gross. Is it?
Is there anything in the neighbourhood that is decent and not more than 8 blocks away. He would prefer something cheap but is open to all options.
He found Villa Caribe a few blocks away but we can’t find much info on it on on line in English and only one review.
He is looking for a clean room.
We plan to eat out a lot, go to the beach and on plenty of outings so it need not be AI.
He is arriving after midnight so it won’t be practical to find a place after he arrives.
Help, please!

There’s not much to choose from in that neighbourhood, but if your pal is a little picky then the Villa La Mar is not a good choice.

The Club Tropical, Hotel Herradura, Hotel Los Delfines and Hotel Dos Mares are all within walking distance.

[you can google a map of VARADERO and see all the hotels that are in the area that you want… of go to wiki maps… some one on the site had the wiki map for VARADERO… search it out

Thank you for your help guys. My buddy is checking out the hotels you listed Martian.
Jimbobgloria, I spent half the day looking for the map you mentioned. I forgot that I had seen it on Debbie’s until you mentioned it. It is really useful. Here is the link in case anyone else can use it