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HELP! I OVERPACK for 10 days in Caribbean!

We have gone to the Caribbean 6 times now, and I’ve got to figure out HOW to pack SMALLER!!! I am a 57 year old female, and LOVE to have “choice” everyday, so I take shorts and matching tops for every day of 10, dress linen slacks, dresses for dinner, 2 swimsuits, about 4 shoes, snorkel gear, hair products due to frizzing from humidity, lotions, shampoos, camera’s, beach bag, stuff for bugs, bites, emergency first aid (small stuff) etc… PLUS the same for my husband. We end up EVERY time with 2 carry-on, 1 HUGE suitcase, and usually one medium, (sometimes 2!!) so we’re paying up the kazoo for luggage… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! We leave on the 17th to the Domican, Barceló Bavaro… :-S

Use the same clothes more than once…hang them up to air out as you are only using the dresses for dinner. Live in the bathing suit and not bring 10 shorts/tops.

Ditto. No one, and I mean no one, is going to notice if you wear a pair of shorts or a top again two or three days later. Mix and match can work wonders.

terriinbailey…I am the same as you, although I am learning after 13 trips to the D.R. But we manage to get all our clothes, shoes, first-aid stuff etc for TWO WEEKS, packed into 1 suitcase for each of us. Our carry-on carries camera, binoculars, Netbook (those things that you don’t want to go missing out of your checked luggage)& a change of clothing for destination arrival.

The trick is to mix’n match. Who cares if you wore the purple outfit on Monday & you were seen again in it on Friday ? Wear casual capris to dinner & bring 2dresses for a la carte dining. Our solution to overpacking? Take enough for 6 days & then send items to the laundry so we’ve got clean items for the remainder of our vacation. We don’t go on any excursions, so we don’t miss that $20…laundry is quick, returned to us the next day! Go easy on the shoes, as they can add weight to the luggage…wear the heaviest pair on the plane & then pack 1 pair of sandals & 2 pairs of flip-flops. (leave the heels at home, as it can be very dangerous to walk around on slippery floors or wonky paths. As for frizzy hair…you are not going to be able to tame it much while in the D.R. So go “o-naturale”…leave your products at home or bring a smaller amount of the stuff you use. And use your beach bag as your purse …it does help.

The mantra for most of the members on these forums is …pack, edit & go with 1/2 the amount. Good luck ! :slight_smile:

I agree with MRA, I used to travel everywhere like you do, including business trips. The trick I have found is to stick with solid bottoms that will match with everything. For a 2 week vacation I now take 3 pairs of shorts, tan, navy and black. I also bring 2 pairs of capris, one light, one dark and 2 skirts, again one light and one dark along with a couple of dresses for the evenings you dress up for the al-a-cartes. Considering you spend most of your days by the beach or pool in swimwear, for the amount of time you wear actual clothes, unless you spill food on yourself they aren’t on you long enough to get dirty. Bring an assortment of 5 tops and mix and match them with the shorts, capris and skirts. You need one nice fancy pair of sandals to go with the dresses, preferably in black so they match everything, one pair of casual sandals for the shorts and capris and one pair of flip flops. I always wear my sneakers on the plane because they are the heaviest item I take with me. You do the exact same thing with hubby, add a couple of T-shirts to wear around the pool and beach with his trunks and you are all set.

I use to do the same too, now I have to pack only a half of a suitcase due to the weight factor . the other half we take along a lot of gifts and things for so weight is a hugh issue , for 10 day 3 dresses is 6 nights 2 skirts four matching tops 2 pair long pants or capris. using same tops over from the skirts, 1 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts 5 bathing suits/2coverups.as for the medical we have bought a plastic container about the size of a shoe box everything fits in there very carefully .We have a printed list of everything on the ouside and replenish it after the trip or before the next trip. I wear my runners, take i pair of wedgy type of heels goes with everything 2 pr of flip flop . In my carryon I have 1 pr of the flip flops 1 bathing suit 1 cover up. The other side is filled with things for some of our Dominican friends, it’s so worth wearing my clothes over /and really no jewelley .My husband has cut way way back as well . hope these ideas help.