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Help me find a place to go!

I was a frequent Club Med Punta Cana visitor from 1988-2000, but haven’t been back since. From reading different postings, I get the feeling Club Med isn’t what it used to be. I am planning a trip to the DR at the end of February - 2 of us aged 54 and 62. Good beach and food priorities. I loved the food at Club Med - specifically, I loved the bread, fresh fruit and salads. I thought they were delicious and a great variety. Can anyone suggest an all-inclusive resort that would give us the casual atmosphere we’d like. We’re not much for night life. We’re early risers and low key. We’d much prefer conversation with interesting people than karaoke in the bar at midnight! I also seem to notice that some all-inclusives are different prices for rooms and some seem to offer “meal plans”. Is that true? All suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

Since there are many resorts that offer what you’re looking for, and members views will be varied. I would suggest reading the reviews first and try and make a list of resorts you like. Then get imput from members here to narrow your list a bit. Eden, Majestic, Melia, Iberostar resorts are all very good.

it really depends on your budget! some mid range resorts with a quiter feel and good dining options would be the melia complex, the bavaro princess (platinum club) or the majestics IMHO

Any comments on the Occidental Grand Punta Cana? It looks interesting.

Hi jerseyite

Take a look at the “Bahia Principe - Ambar Section”. The Bahia is an awesome resort. The landscaping is beautiful, rooms are clean and big, food is excellent and the pools and beach are to die for. The “Ambar” section is the adults only section. When you stay there, you can use all the amenities of the rest of the resort. A great variety of A la Carte restaurants, buffets are excellent. The night life is there if you want it, if not, there are the quiet area’s you can sit back and relax . You would not be disappointed.

As barriebrian said, members will have varied reviews. I just posted my review from the Majestic Colonial (Karen from Woodstock).
Me and my husband are in our 40’s and are low key and aren’t interested in the nightlife either, but we like to dance and enjoy ourselves. At the Majestic, they would have a different bands play at the Plaza bar early, from 7:00p to 9:45p…merengue, reggae, slow dance, some pop and even oldies! It was a nice mix and lots different aged couples dancing. Not too loud you can still have conversations with people. Then it would end in time for the Shows, we sometimes watched them or went back to our room. .Hotel is not too large at all…we didn’t feel crowded.
We also stayed at Bahia in 2005 that was before the 2 others parts of the Bahia were built. I would recommend that as well like garym did…although it looks sooooo big now.
If you want to ask more direct questions, my emal is in the review.

royal suites at the grand palladium are adults only would be the place you’re looking for.my wife and i are in our 60s,went last year and we’re going again in may. it’s very laid back and quiet.NO KIDS! LOL


I will second what niteshadows9 said. We are a couple in our 50’s or did I mean 30’s anyway we like good beach and a quiet resort. The Royal Suites are the place for you.

Good food, excellent staff and a whole lot more.

We went twice and will go again.

I see you are going the end of Feb and that is good.

As all resorts change so will this one in the summer or fall. There are 250 new rooms coming on line in the future and I would wait until the reviews are in on these and how they affect the atmosphere such as overcrowding the beach area.

Not an issue now but in the future it will be.

Anyway enough for now but lots to choose from.

Have a great holiday. ;D


steeve,i’m booked for new section rs,may 1st to 14th 2009. we can just cross our fingers and pray that they will be ready for us. having said that, i would be just as happy with the rs section we went to last year. just enjoy vacations no matter what !!

If the RS are not ready, you will be looked after in the original suites, they to are great.

wud, i’m sure you’re right, being from buffalo, ny,i’d enjoy just about any place warm.lol !

Totally agree with the you folks about this place. Having been twice in the last couple of years we are headed to the Elegance this year.

Heading to TO this afternoon to catch a hotel then the plane.

The only concern about the Royal suites is the beach area. It will be crowded with an extra 500 people.

Hopefully they will come up with a plan.

Niteshadow9 have a great holiday and please post a review as I will upon my return.

Have a great holiday everyone.


Hola: We were at the Punta Cana Princess last November and loved it. Adults only, small and had great food. Plus the price was right. Looking at Catalonia Royal, and BP Ambar for this November. Couple in our mid-50’s who like to relax while on vacation. PCP filled the bill for us.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs.

PS: How can we delete MD00???

I got that one. It was pretty simple, but most of the rest I’m going to have to leave. They generated so much negative feedback. They (the responses) either make reference back to the original post or the following posts becomes irrelevant if the original is deleted. It would be such a pain to clean up the threads that I’ll just leave them in place and let them fall into obscurity …