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Help Please for DR - need advice!

We are a family of 4 (kids are 13 and 11) and are going to DR for 2 weeks in Feb…but I seriously need some advice.

We have not been to DR before, but are experienced travellers.

We like a great beach, good food, nice rooms, good pool area (lazy river etc) and it needs to be a family friendly all-inclusive. We are considering the Iberostar Bavaro but it may end up being too pricey.

Can anyone provide me with some direction??? We were considering the Mayan but are now looking at DR instead.

We would also consider switching resorts after 7 days for variety of places, food etc but if it is a large enough/multi-resort area maybe no need.

Thanks a ton!

any resort in Punta Cana will be OK for you,I would go to south coast for second week ,different beaches ,Casa Del Mar,Bayahibe.

We are staying at Grand Flamenco in Feb.with our grown kids and 12 year old grandson had good luck there two years ago with hotel staff and grandson.It all depends on how outgoing your children are if they make friends easy then they will have a great time,last year he made friends on the first day and then the different parents would take turns being in the “neighberhood” of the kids lots of times it was on the beach playing volly ball with older"kids" it will all work out if you give them time to adjust. Good luck it and should not matter what resort you pick.

We have kids almost same age. We’ve been to the Riveria Maya in MX twice and just Mrs. VdP and me once to Punta Cana. We are now just 22 days away from 7 nights at the Majestic.

A few personal observations if you’ll allow me:
-Mexico is better if you are heavy into snorkeling, scuba and exploring off the resort.

-if you are more interested in full time beach and pool each day, lounging, eating and drinking and just having fun with the sand and salt water, then Punta Cana is the place

-I beleive that regardless of the resort, ‘kids clubs’ are a big hit with kids ages 3-8 or so. older than that and they’ll be bored. Therefore for pre-teen and teen age girls/boys I beleive that its best to be proactive on your own and seek out and find similar aged kids on the first day you’re there and make your own ‘kids club’.
-food…all these joints are alike…fair to average food- set expectations low and you’re be pleased

-if you’re a boozer- stick with the Presidente and drink Brugal straight as a chaser…I stay away from the foo foo drinks…Presidente and Brugal…and I know exactly what I’m getting.
And you may want to get a bottle or two to suck on in the room while the wife and kids are showering and getting ready for dinner. (i think of everything don’t I?)

  • bring stuff for the kids on the beach- kites, frisbee’s, paddle and ball games etc., floaties too (we get the cheap ones and leave them behind when its time to go home)

If I think of more I’ll add to it. Please ask more questions if needed. Good Luck


We are going to Breezes in POP in the new year, it is my second trip for my family. I chose this resort again because we are travelling with 7 others including a family w/ 3 children.
My kids loved the resort, the lazy river kept them busy and the food is something they still speak of today!
They were quite excited to hear that we are going back, I have no regrest on chosing this resort again with kids ages 7-10-12-15-16, they should all have a great time!