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Help, please! Sol Cayo Largo email addy



We are heading to the SCL soon and I have tried unsuccesfully to email them at at the address listed under resort contacts here. Does anyone know what could be wrong or, better yet, have a correct email addy for me?

With thanks,



Try this, TC, ex the resorts website. Please let me know if it works and I’ll update the resort listing :slight_smile:



Thanks, steffie. I will let you know if it, too, returns ‘undeliverable’ or goes through. Here’s hoping for the latter!! TC :smiley:


Spunky should know this, after all, he’s part Largo-ian :stuck_out_tongue:


Steffie, so far, so good…no returned email. Now, will it be answered?–that’s the issue. :wink: Thanx.


Hey Travelchick, when are you going to be there ?


Thanks, Spunky. Where did you find that address? The one I noted is from the resort’s website. No wonder people get confused ???


Boy, I have three addys now. ;D The one steffie gave me did not come back but perhaps I should try Spunky’s too. However, I bet I won’t hear from anyone at either one. :wink:


Spunky, because that is a privately site it may not be up to date.

Travelchick, when you are at the resort, could you please bring back the current contact information and then I’ll update the contact list on this forum.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I already put that on my list of ‘to-do’s’… :smiley:


Thanks, Travelchick, for confirming email addy. Contact info for Sol Cayo Largo has been updated.


Email addy for Sol Cayo Largo


8 more days until heaven


That follows the pattern for their other Cayo Largo hotel Pelicano.


I’ve added VCC’s email address to the resort contact. Travelchick received a response from the “director comercial” addy so both addresses are listed under the contact.