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Help! Voltage issues!


Help! I’m oh so confused about this. I am travelling from the UK to the Gran Ventana can anyone tell me which plug adaptor i need (eg US flat pin or what?!) and what it looks like. I’m really confused! Thanks! :-[


We just returned from the Gran Ventana 10 days ago.

The voltage and plugs are the same as Canada/United States. They accomodate the 2 flat pin plugs.

If you have any other questions, you can either post, PM or e-mail us at dot_49@yahoo.com or, olive@beyondthebeach.org.



a standard travel adapter will be fine. It might ‘spark’ as you put it in the mains, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it! You can get them at the airport on the way out. Battery chargers will take a lot longer to charge than in the UK, laptops will run fine. Travel iron/hairdryers etc are fine too.


You will need a voltage adapter as well as the plug adapter

You don’t need to pack a hairdryer - there is on in every guest room bathroom at the Gran Ventana. They work VERY well.


why do you need the voltage adapter? Not actually disputing you as I’m certainly not an electrician!

I’ve never used one on my travels. I think it’s not needed for Brits taking appliances from 240 volt down to 110v. Laptops generally work through a range of 100v-240v.


I answered via PM but I don’t think the original poster ever came back to see the answers, because the PM was never opened. Following is what I said:
Oh, and if the device is marked 100v - 240v, then it’s dual voltage and should run just fine, provided you have the right mechanical arrangement to make the connection.


I think I did a pretty good job discussing this in our FAQ, but here goes a second pass. You have TWO issues.

Issue #1 is making a mechanical connection to their socket. You will need a two blade North American style plug (two flat blades about 5/16" x 1/16", parallel to each other, spaced about 3/4" apart). I assume you have the big UK type plug (the big triangular plug). You will need an adapter.

Issue #2 is the voltage. The DR is an anemic 120 volt system compared to your 240 volt power. The frequency is slightly different, but this shouldn’t be a real issue. Any 240 volt device will be very lethargic if plugged into this since it will only see half the required volts.
I don’t know of any inexpensive way to step up their voltage to yours, at least for high power devices like hair dryers and straighteners. A small transformer would work for low power devices like camera and cell phone battery chargers. A big transformer would be heavy and expensive, so that’s not a viable option for the ‘power hogs’.
There are hair dryers and straighteners available that are dual voltage. If you can find these, that’s a good solution. We have found that most hotels have hair dryers in the rooms anyway; if not, it drys pretty quickly in the heat anyways. Lately, the only electrical device we have taken is a clock radio/cd player.


and as I say, battery chargers still work, it’s just that they take twice as long! Don’t expect a quick charge then out again. Easiest & lightest way of solving this is simply to take a spare battery (or three). Keep a couple fully charged and rotate them.

[edit] I always take a surge protector too. The voltage ‘shouldn’t’ surge enough to do damage but a £1,000 laptop is worth a £5 protector!


Obviously, that depends on the charger. We had friends from the UK there two years ago and their charger would not work. The hotel we were staying in at the time had a 240V outlet near the lobby which he used. I don’t believe such a thing is common.
The short story is that I wouldn’t count on your charger working. You might luck out, but … ::slight_smile:


Thanks a lot everyone. I was planning on taking a convertor thingy but its kinda huge so i don’t think i’ll bother now! Fingers crossed things will work… ;D


BobfromCanada advised me last year when we went to Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus regarding charging my mobile (cell) phone. I was able to borrow a bit of kit from reception which enabled the phone to be charged.

We are going to the Iberostar Costa Dorada in five weeks and I hope that we can do the same this year. Incidentally, the hotel lent me the equipment free and said keep it as long as you like. Now that’s service. :slight_smile: