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Help w/ Getting Married in Punta Cana

I have called the Occidental hotel a couple times to speak with the events coordinator, but she seems to be a very busy woman!
I have a couple of questions that hopefully I can get answered here ;D

My fiance and I will be traveling to DR in june and would like to get married on the beach. We will be staying at the Occidental in Punta Cana, and we are both really excited about going! It will only be the 2 of us, we’re doing the all inclusive vacay pkg (not the wedding one, as we don’t need all the extras)
my questions:
Can we use a marriage license obtained from our home state?

Is there any way we can just book a justice of the peace to marry us without having to pay all the extra money for flowers, music, and cake?

Can our hotel provide ‘witnesses’?
Does anyone know how much it will cost to book someone to marry us?
Thank you for any help!

You can get married on the beach & i believe you can just get the JOP to marry you, but you’ll have to check with Occidental & get something in writing. At the Melia i believe it’s aroud 600-1000 to hire the Judge to do it. You have to obtain a license from your home state & have that & your birth certificates translated into spanish. The hotel will provide witnesses i believe.

We’re actually jsut having a symbolic ceremony on the beach & filling out the legal paperwork when we get back to delaware. That’s easier for us. And I didn’t see a need to spend an extra $600 when I can fill out the same paper in delaware for $50. HTH!

Thank you so much!

ouch Thats pricey, and I agree with you, we can do all the ‘formal’ stuff here in TN if we have to.

When you say a ‘symbolic ceremony’, what does that mean exactly and who will be doing that for you? Someone you know or someone you will hire? LOL, I’m sorry for all the questions!
I had no idea there was so much red tape (and money money money) involved!

Thanks again!

In our case it’s a minister or pastor performing the ceremony for us that the resort hires. You can bring someone that can perform it for you too. Yeah they try to nickel & dime you for every thing they can! Symbolic means you go through all the motions of the ceremony- vows, exchange of rings, kiss- it’s just not legal. Just like a wedding here in the states, the only thing that makes it legal is you sign that piece of paper. You’ll have the ceremony, you just wont sign the legal document. Don’t be sorry! We’ve been planning this for almost a year now…I had TONS of ?s when we first started too!!! Ask away! If I can’t help you, chances are someone on here can!