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Help which resort

Help me to find a resort in Cuba.
I would like the following things and not necessarily in this order.
A nice beach
Cuban music (other than the shows) played in the lobbies in the day and night. This one is quite important.
All inclusive

Thanks for any advice you can give. ;D

Your requirements are very minimal
There are many AI’s in Cuba and I would guess 90% of travel out of Canada are to AI’s

There are many great beaches. Any of the Cayos have wonderful beaches…Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa MAria…e.t.c. But so does the Holguin /Guadalavace area have remarkable beaches. And Varadero is likewise known for it’s beach. So as you can see that is not an issue either

As for Cuban music …that is a bit different. Most lobbies that I can recall do not pipe in music but often there is music around the dinner hour in the lobbies.

Terry do you have anything else on the wish list…Adults only?.. low rise or Hotel style buildings… ? Easy access to tours?

Yes, and maybe need to know what time of year you are looking at, not to mention if you have a budget or not. As there are LOTS of resorts with nice beaches and that are AI.

The music in the lobby thing, I am not sure. I tend to think that most do? I am sure I have in past visit’s heard it, but can’t say for sure and which resorts it would be.

LOL, yeah, Terry, give us more to work with, please. We like a challenge and would love to offer suggestions but need a bit of narrowing down :wink:

Terry, a few more details would help. Do you want miles of long sandy beaches or would a small beach in a bay be OK? Big resort or small?
At the Playa Costa Verde in Holguin this winter Cuban music was played at various locations at different times around the resort but not in the lobby until about 6:00PM.

Sounds like Terry wants to hear lots and lots of Cuban Music. All the resorts I’ve been to have nice beaches, but not all of them have lots of Cuban music. The one we stayed at last year had very good Cuban music, but only for two hours in the evening, the rest of the day you were out of luck, and if your Al la carte was at the same time you missed it, even on the beach most of the music was music you hear here back home.

Well iggy1 you got it right on the nail. Which hotel did you stay at? Two hours in the evening and you don’t mean the shows, all I can say is wow! We don’t mind the buffet for exactly that reason and even the buffets in Cuba.

P.S. looking at going in a few weeks if possible

Terry, I agree with you wholeheartedly, the best thing I want in a resort is one that has a good amount of live Cuban music. I am always a little mad and POed when there is no music. We took a change from Cuba last year and went to Panama to a very nice resort but it could have been anywhere as there was no live music at all, except for a guy playing Ecuadorian music on the pan’s and a guy playing classic rock on an acoustic, each only for one night. My information is a from a few to several years old; but 2 years ago the Playa Turquesa (was Sirenis) had a trio playing in the buffet most nights; I believe Las Panchitos still plays some afternoons and most evenings @ the Brisas Guardalavaca; in 2008 (I think, the years run together), the Sirenis La Salina, in Varadero, had Sexteto Primavera playing every night for ~ 3 hours after the main show in one of the snack bars. My favourite lobby bars were at the Iberostar Varadero and the Playa Turquesa.

I think generally (and one must be cautious of generalities) but the resorts with the most music are more likely to be in either Varadero or Guardalavaca, as they have a large local population to draw from for talent.

Hopefully, someone will be able to update you on these resorts as my info maybe and probably is out of date, given the many changes that happen with Cuban resorts.

If you find a good one let us know, as I will looking for one this winter!!

Thanks valleyguy. I have had my eye on Ibero* Varadero and Ibero * Playa Alameda. I will look at Playa Turquesa. Whichever I choose I will let you know.

Terry, one caveat, we were at the Iberostar Varadero several years ago. We got a good price because it was brand new (i.e. 4 * price for a 5*). Although we enjoyed the lobby bar at night, during the day the only CD they seemed to have for playing at the pool was Hotel California!!! Just going by my memory (shaky at best) the IV did not leave a lasting impression, as several resorts have. I think for my money the PT was be better, but of course, resort choice can be such a subjective thing.

Memories Azul in Santa Maria, great beach, and every night they would have Cuban music in the lobby, only problem was, they’d shut it down when the shows would start and not restart it. I’m not a big show guy but I could sit and listen to live music all night long. I guess that’s why they shut it down, no one would go to the show. When we were there they let some Canadians get up and sing and they knew the music to the songs, it was fantastic, but again, not long enough into the night

Listening to live music, especially Cuban when in Cuba, is a highlight of our holidays. The selection of entertainers at the PVC this year was excellent. Our favorite was kind of a Cuban Willie Nelson who played at various places around the resort. Great entertainer and lots of fun.

Sorry I don’t know the names of many resorts in Cuba, so when you say PVC, which resort is that. Thanks

Playa Costa Verde. Really, I am as guilty as the next one, but the name should be spelled out at first mention, then abbreviated if desired. :smiley:

Decision made. Booked Iberostar Playa Alameda. The rest is left to the man upstaris as to weathear we will be happy. I think so because it is vacation time no matter what.

The other thing we have done is take a radio with us a small solar crank radio and just tuned into a local radio while in our room

Oh Terry, great choice, you will NOT be disappointed!!

We loved the IPA for many reasons (glorious beach, small resort so easier to get to know staff, wonderful animation team, good food and rooms) but by far our best ‘after supper’ music experience as 3 times during the week there was an 8 pc band complete with dancers playing OUTSIDE the lobby in the courtyard. Twas mahhhvelous!

Thanks Zendudette. Would you happen to know, if I need an electric converter or adapter 220 to 110 and plug difference is it round to our flat? I have a small clock that shines the time in the air and would like to bring it with me. Thanks again.

Oh geesh, ya got me on that one Terry ??? Have no bleepin’ idea. Perhaps you could bring one along just in case.

I don’t even know what a phone looks like when we go down, as I leave my cell phone, computer and even my watch at home, so DH is charged with sending the tradition “wish you were here” email to our kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that what they mean by ‘roughing it’ ? ;D

On another note, we are researching the IPA as we speak for March break specials…