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Help with a great destination inJamaica?

Looking for suggestions for 4people in their early 50’s last week of Feb.Never been to Jamaica ???What are some places with great pools,good beach +good rooms;what area of Jamaica?Heard good things about Gran Bahia+Grande Palladium?Has anyone been there + which would you recommend or is their some other gems out there?Thanks in advance for any advice :smiley:

We have been to the Gran Bahia and absolutely loved it. Great big huge rooms and such large pools. Food was excellent of course. However we do prefer to stay at the RIU chain of resorts in Jamaica as we have found that they are of much better quality. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Bahia resort(s)

you are going to want to be in Negril, for awesome sunsets, romantic slow feel.

Ochos rios, if you want to do some tours.

I would not stay in Montego bay, as you cannot get far enough from the airport IMHO

I didn’t mind staying between montego bay, and ochos rios, but won’t go back. We stayed at the Starfish Trelawny which is apart of the BEACHES network.

Good Luck,


For fun in the sun…Negril all the way. I have stayed in Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay. Ocho Rios is good if you don’t mind paying top dollar for everything in town, because of the cruise ships that come into port everyday. As mentioned, it is a great place to book tours from. Montego Bay, well you are right beside the air port and you don’t get to see any of the island if you stay beside the air port, unless you book yourself on tours. Being in Negril, you get to see a lot of the country traveling from the airport…a little over an hours drive. The beach is too beautiful for words…loads of places to eat drink and have fun. Of course it all depends on what you like…good luck.

Jake, eh

hey Jake-that’s what we are looking for ,some info on the best place to stay on the island.I don’t mind travelling an hour by bus,but not 2 1/2.We are familiar with the all inc deal,but like a nice beach & family resort.Bye the way from Moncton.

Have to agree with Jake. We have been to the Bahia as well as RIU negril and the beaches are totally different.

Sorry I can’t be of more help as far as resorts go, but it’s been years since my last visit and it has grown up so much. All I can really say is, you will love Negril, try to find something on the beach and not too far from the “Town Square”. It’s always nice to walk into the bakery and pick up some “meat patties” and wash them down with a couple of “Red Stripe”.

Jake, eh

would really like to try Jamaica,so we will keep reading reviews. I can tell you though that we have been to the Barcelo twice & without a doubt you will “love it there”.First time at the beach side then this past year at the colonial side .It is huge,but the beach is gorgeous.

The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton side is a great choice as well!

They have 7 al la carts & plenty to do. You can also get to Ochos Rios to do excursions as well.

Its fairly new & the price is lower this year from the Maritimes. Give it a look. Check out

Happy Travels!