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Help with Dec trip for Cuba

I am thinking I would like to take my 2 kids to Cuba in mid Dec, my hubbie does not have the same time of so it would be myself, 11 year old daughter and 14 year old son. I love Cayo Coco, but am thinking the winds in Dec will likely make it feel cooler. I heard Holguin may be a warmer area, we have been here before and like the area. I have looked at Santa Maria, as they have some 4 star AIs.  Just looking for soft beautiful beach, decent food, with good selection, nice pool, (if possible it is nice to have a little music or something going on around the pool during the day), decent shows in the evening are nice too. Anyone have any suggestions? 

Well if it’s windy in December on Cayo Coco it will be windy on Santa Maria as it faces the Atlantic. You can always get in from the wind at the pool deck. Loads going on at the resorts there so having something for the kids to do should be easy. If it’s not windy(red flag) the beach will be great. Hope this helps. Have a great trip whatever you choose. A windy day verses cold Canada, no brainer as the kids say LOL.

I tend to agree about the cool winds in Cayo Coco. Have a look at Playa Pesquero in Holguin. It’s a very popular resort for families. I’ve been myself when my kids were around the ages of yours and they had a great time. Large pools, nice beach, decent snorkeling, food was pretty good. Also, right next door is Playa Costa Verde which is also a good option - it’s a little smaller and likely a little cheaper. We also enjoyed this one.

Holguin I do beleive tends to be a degree or two warmer on average than cayco coco or Varardeo. It is a nice area, very different than Cayco Coco.

There are quite a few resorts to choose from in that area.

Just be prepared for you and your kids for the 1hr busride apprx from the airport to your resort. MUCH longer than the 15min drive in Cayo Coco.

Have to agree that CSM can be windy. We’ve been there twice in early Jan and both times were 5 days out of 7 with red flags. That’s a real bummer for kids. On the other hand, I find the resorts at CSM newer, more spacious & better food. If you go to Holguin, avoid Club Amigo as the beach is not nearly as nice and the ‘barracks’ are awful.

Have a look at Cayo Ensenachos. It is sheltered from the prevailing winds, has a beautiful beach with soft white sand, and probably pretty good food.

[a href=“http://www.cayoensenachos.net/”]more info here[/a]

Iberostar Ensenachos would fit the bill for sure with it’s sheltered beaches. Lots going on. Large resort, great food & beaches that will blow your mind. It is sheltered my Santa Maria so even if it’s a red flag day out there, it may not be on there. Not sure of you budget which is why I didn’t suggest it before. Sometimes it can be pricey.

I have been 5 times and already booked for # 6 in April. This place has everything I need in a resort. Getting to know the staff has been great also, feels like family. Check it out, here is a site from the previous hotel name www.royalhideawayensenachos.ca Under photos you can go to serial and see the layout of the property or go to google earth and type in Iberostar Ensenachos Cuba, this way you can see how the beaches are sheltered.

I’ll chime in for Ensenachos as well. We were there when the resort was all 13+, not like now that it’s split. It’s a huge resort and there’s lots for your kids to do and probably others there for them to meet so they can get away from mom for a while.

Food was very good, selection was normally good, and in spite of the size of the resort, it can be very private.