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Can someone direct me to a site that will outline what you can bring into Cuba and also bring back to Canada?


For what you can bring back, check out Canada Customs. I’m not sure of the name of the Cuban site for bringing stuff in. Did you check above in Frequently Asked Questions?


Great, thanks. My only concerns were bringing wood back into Canada (we’ve never had problems, but seen other travellers have problems and wondered why) so it’s good to clarify and what food products I can bring into Cuba (snack foods, etc.)
I’ve found my answers, so thanks!

One thing we have done with “natural” items of concern is left them outside wrapped in plastic for a while - if it is winter or put then in the freezer - most bugs of tropial origin can not withstand long spells of cold.

Cuban customs site:



There is also a wealth of information on this site for Cdns travelling and what they can bring back.

another good site

Great! Thanks for all of your help and the useful sites. The only question I have remaining, is am I able to bring in some food? I have no problem with Cuban food, I thoroughly enjoy it, however was thinking of bringing some snacks (almonds, granola bars, chips, etc…) with us to save us the small fortune from buying things at the gift shop! Has anyone ever had any problems? Do you know the regulations? I couldn’t find anything specific!


I don’t think packaged foods are a problem. Fresh produce will likely be confiscated. I bring in chocolate all the time. :smiley:

And I bring crackers, granola bars, a zip-lock bag filled with Cheerios, unsweetened apple sauce in individual containers, and 3-4 litres of UHT milk (all for my 3-year old!). No problems at all.