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Helpful passport info


There is a tool-free phone# to answer questions concerning passports 1-877-487-2778.
The date for needing a passport to travel abroad was originally set for December 31, 2005. It has been pushed back until December 31, 2006. I also asked about birth certificate being stamped. The operator that I spoke with assured me that it was acceptable as long as it was a birth certificate with the raised seal. Hope this info helps. Any questions that need answered personally just push 0 and you will be able to speak directly with an operator…


The last time the wife and I travelled to the Dominican without a passport (2003 I think), our travel company also recommended a marriage certificate along with the birth certificate and picture ID. I assume this would be to verify the wifes name change.
We did bring it with us and lo and behold the customs agent in Boston asked for it on our return to the states. In the Dominican, they did not ask. I wonder if this is a requirement or not?



Having the marriage certificate is not a must have, but a good to have. I work for an airline, and when we check in for international or transborder flights that do not require a passport, we only require proof of citizenship (birth certificate) and government issued photo id. I see a lot of birth certificates and photo id with different last names and nobody to my knowledge has ever been turned away by customs.

But like I said, it’s always nice to have in case you get that one customs officer who is having a bad day :wink:


Thanks Amanda,
Best advice I think is to have a passport. If you do happen to run into a customs officer having a bad day, it probably doesn’t matter what you have for identification.


For peace of mind and for security a passport is a must. There will be little or no hassles with a passport so why not have one.
Like they say “Don’t leave home without it”