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Helping some folks in the Guardalavaca area

Last year we were able to get a considerable amount of items to a congregation in the Guardalavaca area and I wanted to post thanks from Pastor Eddy Garces to all who have given time and effort to help his community in Melilla, Holguin.

Pastor Eddy is the fellow standing out in front and left of the house sharing some donations with a family in Melilla.

This is an ongoing project so if any are planning a trip to the Guardalavaca, Holguin area and want to see something of Cuba away from the resorts this is a good opportunity. The town is only about 5 minutes from Playa Pesquero and Grand Playa Turquesa resorts and about 20 minutes from the town of Guardalavaca.

In addition Eddy Garces is diabetic so items for his personal health care are also appreciated;

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

  • a digital blood pressure cuff.

  • dental hygiene items such as water pic, electric tooth brush,
    dental floss, toothpaste, etc.

  • foot care products such as good walking shoes, quality socks without seams, foot bath, foot powder, topical antibiotic ointments etc.

  • Antimicrobial Healthy Diabetics Foot Kit

“Healthy skin helps prevent infection. Adhering to a daily regimen of foot hygiene is fundamental for diabetics. The Diabetic Basics foot hygiene kit is a 3-fold antimicrobial system that helps keep feet healthy and free of the problems
that plague diabetic patients.”

A Diabetic Foot Kit contains:

• Foot Sanitizer
• Foot Powder
• Foot Lotion

  • various UV protection sunglasses, baseball caps, sun hats, etc.

  • reading aids such as magnifying screen or a magnifying glass.

  • skin protection items such as work gloves, skin creams, rubbing alcohol, sunblocks, etc.

  • a good supply of aspirin or ASA, some diabetics benefit from regular usage as well as multivitamins, vitamin E capsules, etc.

  • books and literature on the latest diabetes care concerns and solutions in Spanish or English.

Melilla is easy to find, any cab driver in front of the resorts can get you there, just tell the driver that you are looking for Pastor Eddy Garces and they will take you to his home and church. Best times to go are fairly early in the morning before 10:00 am or in the evening around supper time and also on Saturdays.

Donations really can be anything including sports equipment, clothing and underwear, shoes, small tools, storage boxes, household and kitchen goods and Eddy will see to it that they get into the right hands.

Pastor Eddy’s Address:

Iglesia de Melilla
Att: Pastor Eddy Garces
Melilla, Holguin, Cuba
Address: Edit Garces
AP 26, Raphael Freyre, Hoguin, Cuba, CP 82200

Thanks, Flygt

Here’s an additional thread from posters who had a chance to meet Eddy and family last year. :slight_smile:

Pastor Eddy

Hola Flygt

Awesome thread with great information.

The photo looks awesome and is a great reminder as to why I love to bring donations to Cuba for those less fortunate than I am. :wink:

From what I have heard from forum members, Pastor Eddy does wonderful work in Cuba. :smiley:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

From the ‘Pastor Eddy’ thread above there are a couple of items which are specifically needed by the pastor.

The first are walking shoes and as Eddy is diabetic he can only wear one type which won’t injure his feet,…size 42 or in Canada men’s size 8 1/2 wide type, moccasin or flat sole style with no heel. Socks without seams would be appreciated as well.

The second is cartridges for the church HP printer which takes an HP Combo pack, part number C9513FN. Any other office supplies would be also be appreciated.

Aside from these I’m hoping some will read through the Taking a Bicycle to Cuba thread and consider taking a few adult and children’s bikes to the community this year.

Thanks, Flygt

Hi Flygt, and all good folks !!!

Some good news from Pastor Eddy, he now has a licence/permission to build a new church, here in Melilla, on the existing site.

He has already purchased some building materials, bricks, steel re-enforcing bars, sand etc. So building is now imminant.

Obviously more is required, so donations from folks would be appreciated.

Ian and Shirley

We will be going to Brisas Guardalavaca in January and I have an odd assortment of things to take down, mostly things I have collected at home, clothes, toiletries, shoes etc. I looked at the map of where Pastor Eddie is in relation ot our hotel and it seems quite a ways.

Can anyone give me an approximate travel time to Pastor Eddie from our hotel, and would I take a cab, and what can the cost be?


Hi Ewka

From Brisas to Pastor Eddie in Melilla, is approximately 20 minutes by cab, and costs around 10cc each way.

If you have time, have a walk around the old part of the village.

Tell the Pastor that we will see him in three weeks time.

Ian and Shirley

Iani, thanks for your reply. Would the cab drivers at Brisas know where to find the pastor or do I just ask to go to Guardalavaca and ask a local once we are there?

Also, when you say in 3 weeks, is that from today? As I will be going in 3 weeks.

Hi Ewka

Just get a cab, and ask them to take you to Melilla and the pastor.
You will find the church, it is a green building, half way down on the right hand side of the main street in the village.

If you haven’t come across it before, here is a map of the area.

We will be leaving the UK on the 24th, and staying at the Playa Pesquero

This is a great link! My husband and I are going to the Club Amigo on March 14th. We are planning on trying to locate Pastor Eddie’s Church.

Hello all,

Wireless here…we are heading down to see Pastor Eddy in a week or so. Can anyone tell me if flygt’s requests on behalf of Pastor Eddy are still valid? Have some of the items been filled? Just questioning if there’s anything in particular Pastor Eddy is in need of other than what’s been listed (flygt’s original post is from Oct. 5th).


Hi Wireless Willie

We have just got back from Cuba, less than an hour ago.

Yip ! Flygt requests are still valid. The inkjet cartridges will always be an on going requirement.

Spanish bibles are always in need, if you can help there, they would be very pleased to receive them.

Paint rollers, and axle blades, along with memory sticks for his computer, are also very useful.


:slight_smile: We have just returned from our first trip to Cuba…and it won’t be our last! What a lovely country and what beautiful, proud people it has produced… :slight_smile:

We stayed at Playa Costa Verde, on Pasquero Beach, and took a cab to the small market at Guardalavaca, which was quoted at 10 CC each way. We had, with us, a number of items to give to Pastor Eddy, after reading about him on this great forum.

The driver took us to Melilla on the way to Guardalavaca for an extra 2 CC. :smiley: and waited for us. We spent 10 minutes basking in the warm hospitality of the Pastor and his wife, who graciously accepted our items.

We had Tylenol and Aspirin, and when I asked if there was a clinic nearby, he explained that the town had two doctors who ran one, and they were members of his congregation, so he would gladly pass the medication along.

There were small piles of rock, gravel and sand at the side of the church, and Pastor Eddy said he had gained a permit to build. He has asked for an enlargement of the original plan, so will be told in about 2 weeks if that is approved.

I was touched when he stoked the two pairs of new leather work gloves we had brought and said that they were ‘so beautiful’. ( The rocks piled up are red , rough, and sharp looking!)

When leaving, I asked him if there was something he especially needed at the moment, and he said that for his printing… HP ink cartridges # 92 and # 93.

We had taken a number of things down to give to the workers at our resort as well, and they were accepted with grace and appreciation, but we really felt we had done something special as we drove away from the church in Melilla.


I am going to PCV in early March and would like to take HP 92/93 cartridges. Unfortunately I am unable to purchase these in the UK and Hewlett Packard cannot tell me the compatible number in the UK. Can anyone help, please.

[quote author=pommie board=Cuba thread=1191587306 post=1203526247]Hi

I am going to PCV in early March and would like to take HP 92/93 cartridges. Unfortunately I am unable to purchase these in the UK and Hewlett Packard cannot tell me the compatible number in the UK. Can anyone help, please.[/quote]

Edits printer is Canadian, and you wont get the inkjets over here for it, so I would leave it up to the good folks of Canada to help in this regard.


Hi Ian
Thanks for that. I will take other things instead

Just wanted to let you know that we were at Pastor Eddy’s church on February 14. He is very excited that he has the materials there to start the new church. The construction will begin next month he told us. We were able to take him some Spanish testements for the church. We try to take him some every time we go.

I’d like to thank Debbie’s forum for keeping this thread alive.

Hi Fellow Pastor Eddy Fans:

Any update on the following:

  • construction of the new Church

  • Items needed by Pastor Eddy

We’re planning our fourth trip to Playa Pesquero in November and want to visit Pastor Eddy again, but bring him items that he needs instead of the usualy stuff people bring down.


PS. What about money donations to Pastor Eddy? Have people done this before?


PS. What about money donations to Pastor Eddy? Have people done this before?[/quote]

Can’t give you any updates on the building.

Cash donations will be welcome, as the building materials are very expensive.

Some of the congregation especially those that are working, donate part of their salary.

Spanish Bibles are required.

Kirenia likes classical music, and the pastor is a bit of a rocker, so music is always welcome.

Computer storage devices are also very useful.