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Helping the horses of Trinidad, Cuba

Greetings All!!!
The horses of Trinidad can use your help.
Julio Munoz, a casa operator, in Trinidad has a program to better the welfare of local horses.
I have posted a “wishlist” on my Blog.


You can help by delivering something as simple as a roll of Duct Tape.
Julio is centrally located a few blocks from the bus terminal.

Hiya Terry,

Thanks for the link. I work with cowboys all the time and can easily get my hands on many of the shoeing and hoof maintenance tools mentioned. I’ll throw a couple of the more difficult to acquire ones into my bag for the next time I pass through Trinidad.

Hope things are cool with you.


Hope things are cool with you. [/quote]

Cool they are damn fridget :wink: We are freezing our butts of here in the east. ;D

But seriously, your kindness is truly appreciated. Julio will be so please to receive any assistance for his Diana Project.

For those that cannot make it to Trinidad I can provide a location in Havana where items can be dropped. They will then be muled to Trinidad at the first opportunity.