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Here Come The Americans To Cuba?

USA Today - 20 hours ago - very interesting read :::

same old thing, again and again.

From the Op-Ed page again. This isn’t a news story; just a columnists opinion piece.

I was at the Melia Marina Varadero and had a long talk with thge manager. President Raul Castro was there previous to my visit and told the manager there are big changes coming to US / Cuba relations. The 1200 yacht slips were not built for Canadian boats and the condos for sale are not for Canadians that wear running shoes - Si !!!

That’s the link we want to read.
Otherwise, it’s the same old song.
Sure the US will come and the Chinese will finance the playground.

Ditto Crabby. It appears most journalistic stories about Cuba are taken from the same article that was written a couple of decades ago and all do they do change the names/dates and trot it out as present day “news.”


Saudi Arabia has an new embassy in Havana. The Melia Marina Varadero cost is over $ 600 million. T%her Chinese are not buying any more U.S. T bills - Si !!!

The US Chamber of Commerce to visit Cuba this week and they are not going for the beach fun - Si

It’s not the first time they’ve visited and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Same old, same old…


But Don Tomas is guiding them !!! "
Karma Rules - Si "

I’ll look forward to the review of Donohue’s speech at the University of Havana.
He should take some canned fish to show off his west coast members’ wares.


I suppose that eventually, one day, these prophesies will eventually turn out to be true and that some will exclaim; “I told you so” and count the one hit while ignoring 50 years of misses.

I, for one will fail to be impressed by their prognostication. 

Cuban radicals in Miami - very low profile now !!!

Here are Americans in Cuba, Beyoncé in Cuba:
[img alt=“Beyonce in Cuba” src=“http://imworld.aufeminin.com/story/20130521/beyonce-a-cuba-31268_w1000.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;”]

More Americans/Cuban Americans flew directly from the US to Cuba last year than all the tourists who entered from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico and Russia combined.

Americans are the #2 visitors by a long shot with Canadians still in the #1 spot, at least for now…


More on the embargo here ::::