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Here's another sad thing - weather!


Yuck! :stuck_out_tongue:
we have shoveled at least a foot off our deck - just tonite! then
-20 and falling, with windchill (50 klicks) we are looking at -30ish.
Highs tomorrow… -24!!! :’(
But we are hanging in there, “xing” off the days… :Plol


The joys of living in Manitoba I guess.
We got some snow last night. A few ‘sprinklings’ today.
Cold out there though.
Panama is looking better and better each day.
12 more days to go before we head out.


Here here i shoveled a foot today aswell and panama is lookin real good now :wink:


I will count ourselves lucky for getting the little bit that we got. :slight_smile:

Living close to Buffalo you just never know what we will be subjected to. :o