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Hey Everybody


This is the new Off Topic thread and I hope everyone will use it to talk about stuff we don’t normally talk about on the forums. :wink:
Welcome to all Guests and anyone thinking about joining.
This forum is for all of us to say anything (within the rules)
Since this is brand new I’d ask Zen to start a new “Get to know each other” thread and Steffieg to start a “Worst Resort” thread.
Just kidding, :wink: Thanks to travelchick for the amended name.
I Hope everyone has fun here and remember,
If it’s Off Topic" take it here. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Hey Spunky,

“High Five”!!

Our name for this OT is a combination of both our brains. ;D



Don’t you mean stuff we try to talk about on the forum but get chastised and deleted when we do? :smiley: Maybe you should have named it “banished to the palapa”, but either way, it has the potential to engage people in topics they wish to discuss freely, even if they aren’t exactly “travel related”.


Digging through a cruel birthday present-box full of manure and shouting “There must be a pony in here!!”


Huh? Spunky’s got brains??? :o ;D :-*

Chit chat aside… I just read a pm from martian who decided to leave the forum. Anybody else heard from him?

(or are we not allowed to talk about this white elephant?)


Yes, of course, we can mention Martian’s ‘departure’ here. Why ever not?! I also received a “Hail and Farewell” type message from him. I will miss his articulate, informative, and witty comments here. That is not to say that I agreed with every post he made. However, of the most well-versed in Cuban matters, he certainly was the kindest member of Debbies. I certainly would not say this of other former members who purported to be Cuban experts… Godspeed, Martian!


My best times here include Martians tales and photos of rooftops, mules and roasted pigs.
I expect he will poke us from time to time. I sure hope so.
His favourite bank tellers, Casa’s, best come-on from Jintineros and Jintineras and the whole BS stuff about travel insurance and, lately, CUC export and imports.
I am a member of a half dozen forums and we all link to the other forums where it helps a new traveller. There’s so much good information swapped between Forums that Martian and others are with us every day even if they aren’t posting on this forum directly.
In the mean time, there’s plenty of expertise here. Just ask.


So sad to see Martian leave. I departed another professional forum a year ago because the mod (owner in that case) was overly zealous. This time, I’ve just been trying to tune it out and skip over the entrails but honestly, there has not been much real meat worth reading lately.

Just my opinion but the off topic stuff is often much more worthy of being read than most other questions. The reality is that there are very few questions that come up on forums that have not already been discussed at length and it only requires a bit of effort to do a search. After that, it’s personal anecdotes that keep the interest. Who would have known that lobsters molt so often???


As a new member to Debbie’s, but having lurked on the edges for a long time, I’m happy with all the travel information I’ve picked up. There are a lot of informative, knowledgeable people posting here and, yes, about travel. Who’d a thunk you’d get travel information on a travel forum ::). If I want to know how often a lobster molts, I’ll Google. If I have a travel question, I’ll come here. As a retired teacher, I’ve likened following some of the threads on this forum to walking into a rowdy classroom…a good way to not encourage new people to join. It took me over a year to finally decide to take a chance and join up. I think it’s a great idea that the owner of the forum has created this Under the Palapa forum to keep those members happy who aren’t interested in the travel end of the forum.


I don’t think it is so much that there isn’t interest in the travel end of things, it’s just that threads tend to morph into a discussion of other related topics, as any conversation may wander after the initial question is asked and answered. It takes a certain “je ne sais quoi” to be a great moderator and keep things more or less on track without alienating the members of the forum. We haven’t quite got that balance here, but personally I think it is better than many other forums. :slight_smile:


Welcome Zephyr!


Welcome Zephipoo! :slight_smile: The more, the harrier!

Got a hoot out of the “Whoda thunk lobsters molt” comment. That made my day! ;D


I don’t spend a whole bunch of time lurking around until it is time to head away for another of our CL “fix’s”. 160 days from now, I believe, not that I am counting or anything. Congrats to those who put this together. It looks like fun.