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This may sound silly but, here goes…
Do people reside in Higuey or is it just a market area?
Are there any schools in the area?
Where is the nearest housing community?
I am going to Punta Cana in a week or so and I will be staying at the IFA Villas. We are going to take the bus to Higuey…is this practical?


My wife and I did that in 2003, we took the direct bus there, and visited the Basilica, what a building. There many homes, business’s and markets. Very safe. We took the milk run bus back, and it stopped at a local school and picked up the children after classes were finished. the bus was intended to probably hold 25-30 people. When we left the school, it had probably 50-60 adults and children, we had them sitting on our laps, it was a hoot. The 2 hour (milk run) back allowed us to see the homes of the children. It was soooo worth it. ;D The kids were great. :smiley:

Have a great trip, and welcome to Debbie’s.

Captain2002 :sunglasses: