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Holguin Airport Cigar Store

I usually wait until my flight out to purchase some cigars for friends, son, etc. However, we’ve always flown out at an early time when the store has been open. This year we have a late departure time. ( 9:30 PM ). I like this because we get to spend the whole day at the resort and hit the buffet one more time :wink: Will the store still be open?

Thanks Gambitt. Nothing like a midnight madness sale ;D

so… would you recomend purchasing the cigars at the Holguin airport cigar shop or on site at the resort humidor? we will most likely be at the PP. pretty sure the PP has a cigar shop on the resort.
on another note …I found that at some airports the cigar humidors are not as “contolled humidity” as the specialty cigar humidors stores hence better cigar quality at the resort.

ald1… try this site http://marty.514crew.com/cigarsmain.html


thanks for the link…very informative.

Just got back from Holguin, my husband went to the cigar shop mentioned, in behind the liquor store, through the bar/snackshop and cigars were actually better priced than the hotel or the govt.stores in the guadalavaca area. Considerably. and good selection as well.
They have a bank on the departure side as well if you find yourself short on peso.
Have a good trip, and take some repellent, sand flies were bad, due to the dampness, and hurricane. Just stay away from beach area early morning and late evening,

Yes tuxfordians, I found they were cheaper at the airport too. Our tour rep told us that they probably would be. I found there wasn’t as good of a selection as I would have liked though. When I asked the guy behind the counter about it, he tried to tell me that certain tobacco leaves are grown certain times of the year, hence the shortage of certain brands. I’m not sure I believed him on that one.