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Holiday Money


Were off To Casa Marina Reef In June and were just wondering about what currency to take.
Were in the UK, Is the Dominican pesos easy to get here or is the dollar widely execpted?
Anyone previous experience would be great to hear.


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[quote author=pigley board=Poparea thread=1147624824 post=1147624824]… wondering about what currency to take.
Take traveller cheques in US$ and a few in cash for the first hours of your stay (for the latter expect an unfavourable rate of exchange).



Personally, my preference would be to take:
$200 in $1US for tipping.
$20 US cash for departure tax
$10 US cash for tourist card
(being from the UK you may not need the departure tax, but better safe than sorry)
$US cash or traveller’s cheques for tours and shopping.
We stopped using TC’s a while ago because usually they’re a pain to cash. TC’s are safer - that said, how much cash do you need anyways? You are going to an AI resort …


We usually take US$. If you are staying at Casa Marina, there is an internet cafe across the street form the resort where we exchange our money, we got a better rate there,

We like to give tips in US and if we have any left over pesos, we give them to our favorite maid, waiter or waitress,


If you are at an all inclusive why $200 for tipping? What do you customarily tip? Who and when? Just want to get it right before I go.


Hey Sass,

Most people will leave two or three dollars per day for the maid, placed on the pillow or handed directly to them. A couple of dollars here and there to bartenders, waiters/waitresses. We’ve also tipped pool or beach staff if they help us move loungers etc. I’ve also tipped the front desk staff if they have been particularly helpful to me.

There is also a lot to do off the resort in Sosua so there will be more waitstaff, taxi drivers, tour guides for excursions etc.

None of this in mandatory as tips are usually included in an AI package but most people feel that the hard working staff that do so much to make our stays enjoyable deserve a little extra.

It can also be quite difficult to get large bills changed to small, so most prefer to bring smaller bills with them.

I hope this helps.



I’m not sure how much they pay for pounds and euros but for Canadian dollars they ding you for 15-30%!!! :o
I always take US$ and use the ATM and pay for everything in pesos.
I take some US singles for tips but there is nothing wrong with tipping in pesos and nothing special about US 1 dollar bills. :sunglasses:


Tipping is a must. A few dollars tipping sure make your holiday that more enjoyable.If you tip the staff they will sure be happy to help you in any way they can.I also take $1 US bills for tipping and after tipping the barttender and wait staff in the buffets the are sure not to wait for drinks, not waiting for a table and so on. Tip Carlos the bartender and he will aways serve you fast. Say hi to him for me.


All shops take US$ or peso’s.

We never take travelers cheques anymore, just take about £50 in Peso’s and $200-$300US.

Give the guys who meet you AT the bus and take your bags a few $ each, NOT the ones who grab your bags as soon as you walk out of the airport, you will know it when it happens, lol

We get our entry visa’s before we get there, you send postal orders to the dominican embassy in London, for £8 each.Details are in the small print in the back of all the brochure’s
Otherwise you must join the few hundred passengers who dont have a visa in a very long queue!!
Dont forget $20 each departure tax in the departure lounge ( gate 9 i think )

Anymore questions just ask, Dont take to many posh clothes, you wont wear them, its to hot. :wink:


“Give the guys who meet you AT the bus and take your bags a few $ each, NOT the ones who grab your bags as soon as you walk out of the airport, you will know it when it happens, lol”

I’ve never understood why people get so freaked about this. It’s a dollar or two for heaven’s sake. I’d rather help out someone who is actually trying to work for a living. Frankly, I LIKE having someone schlep my bags for me ;).

Once when I was flying back by myself, my bags were really quite heavy (shut up you guys) and when I got off the bus, I looked around for someone to carry my bags. They were so busy trying to convince people who didn’t want their bags carried that they totally missed me. I had to actually approach one of the porters. We both had a good laugh about it.