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Holiday Village Golden


Has anyone any infor. on this resort in Playa Dorada area.
Signature vacations is the carrier.



i believe it is the old jack tar , the pics and location seem to be the same


[quote author=brianwade board=general thread=1150215012 post=1150217077]i believe it is the old jack tar , the pics and location seem to be the same
More correctly, the new improved Jack Tar.
It appears that there will be extensive renovations …


It is the old Jack Tar in Playa Dorada. They have done extensive renovations and it will open as Holiday Village Golden Beach in November. I am going to the Signature product launch the end of this month so will have more info then. The hotel is owned by First Choice, but will still be managed by Occidental.



Hi Debbie,

Just wondering if you attending Signature product launch and if you have any infor. on this resort.



[quote author=sunshine746 board=general thread=1150215012 post=1151839885]Hi Debbie,

Just wondering if you attending Signature product launch and if you have any infor. on this resort.

The closest launch to Debbie (AFAIK) was June 28 so if she was going she has probably been.




I did go to the Signature product launch on Wednesday. They are very excited about this new resort concept at Holiday Village Golden Beach. The resort is owned by the parent company of Signature, First Choice, and will continue to be operated by Occidental Hotels. They are spending some $3,000,000.00 to renovate the old Jack Tar Village. It is scheduled to open in November (fingers crossed). It is supposed to have something for everyone. They will cater to families with kids, with a baby nursery for ages 12 most - 35 mos, a Kids Club for ages 3 - 8, and “Wavelength” for ages 9 - 15. Babysitting will also be available. They are actually bringing in English nannies from the UK to look after the children. They will also have things like Soccer school, Swim school, Tennis instruction, again with professional certified instructors being brought in (extra cost for this instruction) There will be “family rooms” with a queen bed, and 2 single or bunk beds separated by a partition (not two separate rooms). These rooms will have an additional TV with PlayStation2. They are building a new lagoon and wave pool at the resort. There will be a mini cinema with 2 movies daily.

There is also an Adults Only upgrade package, which would put you in the Royal Suites close to the beach, furthest away from the kids areas. Jacuzzi suites are also available. There is an Adults Only Chill-Out Bar with a large screen satellite TV.

If you pick up their new Winter brochure, there are more details on the facilities and types of accommodations, as well as a “map” of the new resort.

One thing they did say is that the casino and disco are owned and operated privately, so you will have to pay for your drinks at the casino and disco. (I think it’s always been this way).

If you have any specific questions not covered in the brochure, I’ll try to find out for you.



Have looked at the resort in the brochure and it looks very nice, especially the Adult Only section. But we were wondering if the Adult Only section upgrade would include international drinks. If anyone sees anything on this please let me know. Wish we had some of those product launches around here - I’d love to go.


thanks debbie,
i ve booked to go here next year and its looks really good. the price are brill to stay here.
the first choice family rooms in other hotels have gone down well.
we cant wait to go.


Just back from Playa Dorada yesterday and saw the new hotel from the beach. Not much progress being made as far as I could see. The buildings are just shells. There was virtually no-one working over the last two weeks. November seems very optimistic unless they are going to have a huge influx of workers and a push to get it finished. I for one would not be booking for November.


Hi All, I am travelling to this hotel on 2nd April 2007 with my husband, daughter 14 and son 12. Is anyone else travelling the same time with kids? Personally can’t wait as this is our first trip to the caribbean. Does anyone out there have any tips for first timers? Love to hear from you all … get writing!


Hi All
Can some one please confirm for me whether this is a beachfront property or not? If I check ‘beachfront’ on travel site this property doesn’t come up - but does if it’s not checked. If it is on the beach - do you know whether you can see the water from any of the restaurants other than the adult only?


It’s beachfront, sort of. You have to cross one of the golf course fairways to get to the beach, a matter of a few hundred feet. At the beach itself there is one of the restaurants (was the seafood one when it was Jack Tar), a beach bar and washrooms. Other than that, there’s not much between the hotel and the water.


hi surfer,
just looked at my first choice map of the holiday village,
it says beach-front,it says the Caribbean restaurant and beach snack bar are on the beach.
the royal suites area is the nearest to the beach.
i don’t know if you have a first choice book if not pm me with your email address and i will try to send the map to you.
it looks really good. :sunglasses:


Well we enjoyed it when we stayed there. ;D
After the renovations, I expect it will be quite nice.


thanks bob,
we cant wait, my son got a book today all about the dominican as hes so excited.
have you been in oct if so whats the weather like.
i cant wait to read the first reviews.


[quote author=darwenlass board=Poparea thread=1150215012 post=1154189675]have you been in oct if so whats the weather like.
i cant wait to read the first reviews.[/quote]
October? Sounds like you might be writing one of the first reviews. ;D
Please send it to reviews@debbiesdominicantravel.com for the rest of us.


How cool to hear about the sleeping/bed arrangements for families.
And also the age groupings for childcare/kids clubs.
Surely these will be big draws for families!!


hello bob,
i dont go till oct 2007 so i have a long wait yet.
we booked because of the kids room and all the kids clubs and soccor school.
we have been looking for the last couple of years but wanted a hotel that offered loads of things for my boys to do.


Oh, 2007. Should be lots of reviews by then …