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Holiday village white sands, cozumel (old allegro)

i am wondering what this resort chain is like? any one with experiences. I hear only signature vacations from canada and first choice us these properties, why? what would a new years experience be like with this chain? we are looking into a new years holiday leaving dec 27 or 30th but no nothing about these resorts. any info is appreciated. thanks. lin

hi Lin

This chain is exclusive to these tour operators…so the only info on these hotels you will find on their websites. First Choice offers more Holiday Village hotels then Signature (which only does 2, one on Cozumel and one in Puerto Plata)…the First Choice site is:

These resorts seems really great for families but also have the adults only sections (that’s where you’d find me)

hope this helps


thnaks, i did get some info on it as i was interested in the babies club. when you look at first choice they offer it to children of age 2 but in signatures book it states age 4 and up… so i phoned and they told me that when holiday village is runnin g it from april-oct they do take kids age 2 but when signatue takes over for the winter they do not!!! talk about confusing people…

If, and I want to state completely, IF, you are a young adult, or traveling to the Allegro as an adult, and not a family with small children, DO NOT stay at this hotel and facility.
We just returned from holiday yesterday, and we were swarmed with family groups from various nations with small children. For them if is perfect—for those like our group, the beach is too small with that many people, the pools are impossible to swim in, with that many children, all three pools were full, until after dark, with children of all ages, and the small ones, like normal on vacation are left to run free and wild.
The rooms at this resort are small by US standards, so be prepared, the area on the south end of the island, is hotel only, so dont expect any shopping experience until you go back to San Miguel.
The entertainment runs until late at night, and if you are in the forward rooms, like myself, expect to be awake from the music until at least midnight, every night.
The food is plentiful, but of medium quality, yes, there is plenty of it, but not exceptional—this was my sixth trip to the island, and the worst by far, of any hotel I have stayed at.

Everything, we did, we left the facility to get away from the chaos of the holiday families—that being said, Cozumel still rocks, and the people on the island are still some of the best in the world, the water will always be the premier reason for going to the island, but be warned, if you are a young adult, or adult group, thing hard and long about booking this hotel, Would I ever stay there again, NOOOOOOOOO.

Tulsa, Oklahoma.

thanks ya we decided t pass on it as i don’t want a mostly family resort eitehr. we are travelling with a 2 yea rold but i myself don’t want to be swarmed with kids either…

well we are booked to bea t this resort for christmas and new years. that is 2 familys with 3 girls each ages 11, 14 and 17 and I sure hope they ahve a great time. Mind you in t he past we have always found reviews to be both good and bad on a place but when we get there we find it just fine. Sometimes finding negative is easier once you get on a roll. I am hoping this is what happens to the negative posted for this resort. :wink:

anyone else going at Christmas 2008??

To Crazyone.

My wife and I were there in 2003, we really liked it. We had a two week stay, during that time they offered for us to goto the ‘Grand’ next door, it was a 5 star and brand new at the time, we went over for a couple of days, but were glad to get back to the Allegro. It is old but has character, lots of activities for your teenagers for sure. The beach is nice( but not quite the white stuff you find in Playa del Carmen) and you can walk quite far in either direction. Of course snorling and scuba is great!

Food I thought was good, I love anything Mexican. Cozumel is a great place to explore and feel pretty safe. Rent a car or scooter and drive around entire island in a few hours, great fun. Be sure to stop at Coconuts for a Corona.