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Thinking of going to Holquin at the end of Nov. Never been at that time so was just wondering in the past (can’t predict the future) how has the weather been? Might be bringing new people to the area and would love to have warm weather. We’ve been many times to PP and would love our friends to see and enjoy this place.

We have been to Varadero last week of October and first week of November 3 or 4 times. One trip, the weather was windy and cool for a couple of days. The rest of that trip and all the other trips, it was gorgeous. I don’t think the weather differs greatly from Varadero to Holguin.

In the past we’ve been 5 years straight to Holguin ~ Paradisus Rio de Oro ~ always in November.

Our first year, we went the 3rd week of November ~ we experienced a couple days of rain (rainy Season ~ end of Hurricane Season). After that, we always went the last week of November into December, to have nothing but wonderful weather!

Our recommendation ~ go more towards the end of November and into December, to experience very good weather!

Hope this helps!
GG :wink:

We’ve gone too, to the Paradisus the end of November, and it was great.

It really is a hit & miss time of year. We like traveling then, but have seem remarkable weeks and rain drenched weeks also

Normally I would expect Holguin to be warmer than Varadero, but if you want to be absolutely sure of nice weather you need to go to Santiago de Cuba. Unfortunately the quality of the hotels there ain’t great, but the weather is sublime! :slight_smile:

Holà ald1!
Went last year Nov 18-25 and it was hot hot hot. Some cloud cover (welcomed, actually, what with the heat) late p.m. or very early a.m. but otherwise, simply mahhhhvelous, dahhh ling
(Playa Pesquero)