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I am back from CRT.

Weather-awesome high 80’s, low 90’s

Resort- Review to come soon.

Beach- better than average

Photos- Coming soon.

Important info- under post labeled Cozumel

In short, nice resort, very small, geared towards an older crowd. Lots of walking, nice wildlife, some of the nicest hotel staff I have come across.

Deputy ;D

Welcome back Deputy…

Hope you had an awesome time…did you manage to dive ?

Look forward to the reviews and photos.

Wossa… ;D

:frowning: No, No diving…as my crappy luck would have it, for some reason unknown to me, my ear drum was traumatized. Blunt trauma they called it, I also have fluid on the ear drum. All from blowing my nose?!?

I did decide to snorkel, figured it couldn’t do too much damage, and my gills needed to be wet. Went out with some divers getting certified(now that bummed me out.) Their “wonderful reef” would be what we experienced divers call a “ghetto reef” Although I did manage to find two sea turtles, one hanging out eating, and the other swam with me. Other than that nothing special, typical barracuda…blah blah blah. Dove down for one Conch to show my friend, thought my ear was going to fall off by the time I got it and swam back up. Was nice though, then I put it back…it was inhibited

Good news though, I found Brugal rum at the duty free in Cancun. OMG…I wanted to buy the whole shelf.

Typical trip, minus the diving. So I am treated myself to a trip to the Florida keys for a weekend of diving at some friends place in the keys!


hey welcome home!
not much longer for me now :slight_smile:

Welcome back Deputy
I guess the only diving you got to do was into the tequila!
Sad to hear that you didn’t see many fish at the reef.
Was the jet-ski guy doing a lot of business ?
We hated those things buzzing back and forth.
I hope you manged to have a good time with my buddy Don Julio.

:slight_smile: Welcome back! :smiley:

So, geared to an “older crowd” Did you feel you fit right in by the end of the week? ???

We’re looking forward to your review and your pics. Now you can gear up for your surprise trip! ;D :-*

Ha ha…tequilla yes!! The lobby bar was my place to park my rear, I had a great time with the guys there.

Older crowd…hard to explain, but I think VCC mentioned that there are alot of Europeans, which was fine with my, but the feeling was they come 1st and the rest of us come 2nd…I paid with clams just as anyone else. The ambiance was very VERY quiet, even for me, and I like my solitude. The resort activities were sooooooooo by schedule, felt like I was staying in a fancy nursing home :o.

From what I have heard, they are switching up all the workers, so there are new ones to this resort, and new ones every day, One of the girls in the dive shop was there one day, came back at the end of the week to finish out someones dive certification, but explained that she was working at another of the chains.

I also understand that the resort is going to be going through some major renovations, which is really needed in a lot of forms . Hopefully they will also get some consistency in staff. It was sad to see such beautiful landscapes, littered with drink cups, and room service plates.

Jet ski guy, never seen a one go out, thank the lord!! I enjoy my peace and quiet at the beach. Took long walks in both directions, and found some terrific shells and aquatic life to the South. Sad to see the desolate resorts standing still like ghost towns.

Against my will and better judgment and because I didn’t shell out my own clams, I agreed to use the dive shop for a snorkel at 40.00 US$, as I suspected was so not worth it 45 minutes of swimming in a water sandbox. First day we were scheduled to go was red flag,so canceled. My friend tried to get money back, shop said no they didn’t have to. Of course Deputy to the rescue. Went up there with the receipt that clearly stated that if due to weather tour was canceled money would be refunded or vouchered, I think she was quite surprised that I bucked her no refund. Needless to say we were out the next morning at 10:00AM. If my snorkeling was horse poop, I can’t even imagine what the diving would’ve been.

Any way, thats it in a nutshell, when I get my photos under control, and my head together to write a report I will do so.


Welcome back Deputy, glad to hear you had a good trip, too bad about your ear, are you sure you weren’t travelling with “Lucky Jake”. I really do sympathize my diving days were numbered due to a bum ear, can not equalize, killer pain if I try to go down under…have to be content with the snorkelling view these days. I hope yours is temporary caused from the cold and nose blowing…

Hey Any idea where the birthday Surprise destination is yet???

Hey there Floyd & the Missus, you can’t be dragging “Lucky Jake” into this one. I had nothing to do with “anyone” getting a runny nose or stuffed up ears…or anything for that matter. I am practicing being good, so nothing will happen to me “this time”, I really don’t want the “Curse Of The Black Chicken” hanging over me while we are away. So I am not laughing at “anyone” for anything that may or may not have happened during their vacation.

Jake, eh

No, no still don’t have any idea where in the world I will be for my birthday.

As for the ear, I am going on day 7 of no hearing in the right ear. or if I do hear something its all muttled like charlie browns conversations on the telephone. handicappedness…and me do not mix well together. Hopefully it will remedy itself before March, cause if there’s diving involved :o I gotta be all better.

Getting back to the weather here seems to be harder every time I get home. Today high is like 12F, so I bundled up in long underwear, and a top, and a tshirt and a sweater, and dress pants, and wool socks, just to go to work.

I thought we were having global warming? ???


I hear you
I hate winter as well.
It is so cold here today that my drink ice froze.

Welcome home! Pics coming soon? Pretty please?


PS - hope the ear feels better soon :-/