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Honesty at PC airport

We had a great week at the GBP Bavaro Oct 11-18. While at the airport returning home my husband and I had an icecream cone from Baskin and Robbins (a tradition!) and we had walked away to sit down when an airport security guard came up and aked if this was my wallet. Apparently I left it sitting at the register after paying for the cones. It had our Canadian $, american $ and all our credit cards and debit cards in it. I would not have missed it till we were back in Canada. The girl who waited on us flagged him down to return it to us, all intact. I was so grateful. Always hear of bad stories of the staff at the airport and wanted to let you know there are honest people out there, my holiday could have ended poorly.

that is so nice to hear especially with all the “fraud” with the luggage issues at the airport!

WOW that’s amazing and so refreshing to hear!!!

thanks for this contribution and nice to hear you had a great time on our island Chester.
yes, there are a lot of good people in the country, a big bunch,
and like everywhere we sorrily have bad apples, too,
but nice to hear that a good guy get’s mentioned here on a travel bord.
we sorrily hear often enough just of complains,
while the good act just as the good ones in the dark.
thanks a bunch,
and have again a pleasant stay on your next visit.

Always good to hear the acts of kindness.

I love to hear about random acts like this. ;D

Well that puts a smile on my face:)

I once lost my phone in the DM, my bag fell over whilst waiting for someone to get of a mini bus and it had slipped out. I noticed it missing within a minute but the bus had gone… so was my phone I thought…
Reported it to my TA anyway … I am an honest person and believe in honesty of others but cant really blame someone profiting of a ‘rich tourist that dont even look after her stuff’.
3 days later there was a message from my TA, the phone had been returned!
I really wanted to give a big big tip to the bloke but she had not registered his name!

anyway I think this story speaks for it self!


Great to hear there are still honest people out there!

Thats great news…we had a bad experience at the airport with a dishonest security guard but it is good to know that the majority of them are honest.