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Horse riding on the beach in Cuba

One of my friends asked me where is the best place in Cuba to go for horse riding on the beach? I know that lots of resorts can have horse rides but only one that I went and had horse ride was in Cayo Guillermo. Any of you know what resort is the best in Cuba for horse riding on the beach?

Such a tricky question as for anyone who is an equestrian…there is no horse riding in the tourist areas. PRDO & the Sol Lunes Mares share a stable area and part of the trail takes you onto the beach.

Saying that Terry has pictures of a nice looking trail ride …but that was in the interior, I believe. While I am, as I have countlessly stated not for gifting, I have taken horse brushes and curry combs with me on some trips where I know the horses can use the brushdowns.

Good question. I also saw horse-riding around the Iberostar Daiquiri on Cayo Guillermo a few years ago. When I approached the senor (with the intention of riding), I was that the horses were in sorry state (read by our standards). They looked very dirty, with sorely neglected hooves and were practically emaciated. One of teh 3 horses also had what appeared to be an eye infection.

I decided against it but did give the gent a few CUCs (hopefully going to animal care, yikes :-S).

I rode a horse once at Cayo Saetia along the beach. But this was at a beach where people did not go to laze or walk about. I tend to think that riding horses along the beach right in front of the hotels is a bad idea. The reasons would be self evident, but I’ll spell it out, horse poop.

Whenever I have seen horse for rent out side of resorts, it is always to ride around in the countryside.

I have ridden on the beach at Santa Lucia. You used to be able to do it at Cayo Largo, but they removed the horses a year or so ago, and I don’t think they brought them back. You can sometimes ride along the beach by the Cuban campgrounds at Jibacoa. Cuban horses are in good or poor condition mostly according to the grazing. If there is a drought, they will look pretty rough. While I have seen hay being harvested in Cuba, I don’t think horses generally get a lot more than what they can glean on pasture.

Most of you are right horse riding on the beach in front of the hotels is not the best option but there is many beaches around resorts and I was riding horse in Cayo Guillermo on the beach but of course not where are tourists :slight_smile: To tell you the truth for me riding horse in Cuba was not great experience as I am not into it so since than I never rode any horse in Cuba but many tourists love to ride horses as for them is something that maybe they never tried before or they just love to do it.