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Hospital, health care etc (I am an anxious person)



I’m going to the Dominican Republic this week, to Club Golden. I’m someone who suffers from really bad anxiety attacks however, and I was wondering if they have medical facilities there, and if so what they are like. Basically, it’d just e nice to know there was a place there in case anything ‘goes wrong’.

I’m also just very nervous about everything so any Club Golden people who went, please let me hear good things about the place and Dominican as a whole to relieve my anxiety :slight_smile: I’m already very nervous about the airport and security…hope they dont try and steal my ipod!


Also, any of the casinos have poker? Texas HoldEm, Stud or anything? Anywhere to get a game?


Lay back put your feet up and relax. It is a breeze to go through security as once you have your luggage and filled out the tourist card in advance you should be out of the airport in maybe half an hour. There are no armed guards standing around, not like Cuba, so just take your time and relax and get onto your bus to the resort.
Club Golden has everything you need and will enjoy yourself there and they do have a medical service on the property.
We do not go to the casino there but instead the big one called Towers where I’m not sure Texas Hold-um is played or not. Poker is played however.
Just picture yourself laying back by the pool or beach with a nice drink in hand and you will do great. You are going to an excellent resort :sunglasses:


I totally understand your problem. I too suffer with anxiety, but have it under control now.
There is a medical office there incase anything goes wrong. But, your on vacation. Nothing will go wrong and if something goes wrong it’s OK. I’m assuming you take Ativan or something like that for your anxiety. If so, USE it and enjoy your vacation. The world will still revolve if something doesn’t go as planned. Remember to bring your meds and keep them with you all the time. That way if you get an attack you will have your meds wherever you are. Try not to worry and enjoy your trip. I’m going to take my own advice. :wink: :wink: :wink:


I suffer from a little anxiety myself. Once you hit Punta Cana, and head over to the BPCG, you will be so relaxed you will not worry about a thing. Wait till you see the pools, they are out of this world. Grab your self a tall cool one and go sit in the jacuzzi part of the pool, you will think that you have died and gone to heaven…
I spent 2 weeks there last March.

There is medical there, but you will not be needing it. :smiley:


ps…keep your i-pod in your pocket! Carry all valuables on your person.
Use the safe.
better to be safe.