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Hotel check-out times


Just returned from POP and stayed at the Iberostar Costa Dorada.
The day before we were to check out a note arrived requesting that we settle our account the evening before and also stating that we could keep our room past the 1PM checkout time for a “small service charge” if no other person is arriving. I checked with the desk and found out that no one else was checking into our room so we could take advantage of this for a small service charge of $65 US. We only wanted three hours as our transportation was picking us up at 1730.
I could understand if it was a $20 charge but could not justify the cost so we sat in the lobby.
The “free” changing room has a toilet that you have trouble turning around in and it is not a locked facility.
Anyone run into this problem before ? and what did you pay?


As I’ve said many times before, keeping your room is not generally worth it and the so called hospitality suites “are not”. In this case, we spend the day at the resort/beach and just use the pool shower to wash off the sand and salt. Then we change into traveling clothes in one of the public washrooms or at the airport.


The once this happened to us, we were able to keep our room for about $40.00 US. We thought it was well worth it to know your things are all locked up plus the convienence factor.


We have had late evening flights several times now and have always checked out at the regular time. Each time what we got for the hospitality room was just another room at the resort. At Sirenis we did in fact get the ‘suite’ room and it was nice! At Merengue we ended up in a room at the back of the resort that was in need up some TLC but it was fine for showering and changing. What else do you need the room for anyways!


At the Marien it wasn’t woth the cost. In their lobby washrooms they have a full shower set up. We didn’t use it this year but last year we did. It was just as clean as our bathroom there and probably cleaner than the one at home LOL.



What is the hotel check-out time at the Marien?

Do you know what the cost is, if you want to keep your room longer?

We have a late flight out when we go, so we have been considering this.



What on earth do you need the room for. You are not going to be there. And your luggage will be perfectly safe in the lock-up in the lobby.
But, it’s your money …


Hi everyone,

I will be at the Coral Canoa from April 21-29. My return flight is at 2:45 AM on the 29th arriving in Montreal at 7:05 AM. I wonder at what time I will have to check out? I hope not at 12 noon on the 28th??? I am booked with Sunquest? If anybody has come across this sort of situation before let me know?


We came across this exact situation a few years ago at Natura Park. Our flight left at 3:15 am. They did let us keep our room until 6 pm, but we really didn’t use it. Their suggestion was to have dinner, enjoy the show and then have a final drink in the bar. The timing worked out perfectly.
Your bus to the airport should be along about 11. Don’t sweat it; it’s no big deal. It’s like another full day of vacation.


Check out time for the Marien is 1PM. As said, we never had problems either time we were at the Marien. They do have a room off to the side of the lobby that they use for luggage storage. We were leaving within 2.5 hours of the checkout time and our luggage was left right where the bell hops can watch it. They had it seperated from other luggage that was going out on other flights. We felt very comfortable doing this as we found a new friend in Carlos Santos, one of the bellhops there.
Can’t remember the rate for a day room but I think it was around $40 when we asked about it last year as Ainsley was only nine months old and we thought she would need another sleep. Never used it in the end. If you need confirmation try to contact Diana Tosato reservations.mgr.marien@coralhotels.com


Well, 6pm is a bit better. Sure glad my hubby will be picking me up at the airport for the drive back to Ottawa!!! I can’t handle “all nighters” anymore :frowning:

Thanks BfromC

Please note that I didn’t say they would do that.
In our case, the tour company made special arrangements.
Even if you have to check out at noon or 1pm, it really isn’t that big a deal.


We have to be at the PC airport and a variety of times, anywhere from ten in the morning until twelve midnight and have used the hospitality room only once and that is when I was sick. We did not have to pay for the room then however. Usually we just take our luggage to the lock-up and go for some food and drinks, say our good byes, and watch the entertainment at night before we go. :sunglasses:


Thank you Kenn for your information. I will definitely keep that address.

1 p.m. check out time isn’t too bad. Was concerned that it would be earlier.