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Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria


Hello !
We are are planning on going to Santa Maria (Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria) around December 15th.
Has anyone been recently? Any comments on the resort or the beach?
Do you know of any tours/excursions available?
Is the beach a long stretch where you can walk for a long time??

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated !
Thank you ;D


The beach is nice and long. If you are a walker you will love it! Lots of information at this site:



We were there in March this year. It’s a new hotel so there isn’t much landscaping and unless you want to be packed like sardines under the communcal palapa rectangle, you need to bring your own sunshade tent thingie (We got ours at Canadian Tire). Oh, and white sandy beaches do not equal great snorkelling. There is a good patch further west of the resort, but it’s now in front of the Melia Buenavista resort and I don’t know how accessible it is. Be forwarned if you are divers that the marina doesn’t have the capacity to handle all the resorts there now and you should really phone them in advance to make arrangements. We spent the whole week trying to arrange one day of diving on an overcrowded boat in crappy weather. Otherwise, it is one the nicest resorts in terms of the rooms and facilities we have encountered in Cuba and even nicer than the Melia Cayo Santa Maria, where we stayed in 2005. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy this place while it’s still affordable. We did!


No problem snorkelling in front of Buenavista, but you have to get there. It is a bit of a hike from Playa, but doable. And anywhere from the west side of Sol on you will see fish wherever you see rocks in the water. :smiley:


Excellent ! Thank you ! We booked last night, we’re leaving December 14th and we can’t wait!

Does anyone have contact information (email) for the resort?


I couldn’t find this hotel listed on our resort contacts list so I’ve added it. From what I could find, it was formerly known as “Hotel Gaviota Cayo Santa Maria”. If you find that the phone number and email address that I’ve listed are incorrect, please advise the correct information and I’ll get it updated.
Thanks and have a great vacation.


I was there last Jan for two weeks and it was fantastic. Beach is wide and long with beautiful natural sand. if it is windy the water is still fun but the sand fly’s around making it uncomfortable.
Take advantage of the Hobbie Cat and kayaks. Piano bar is great place to hang out before and after supper if you like this sort of quiet relaxing setting.
The grounds are beautiful and lush so they spray for mosquitoes morn and eve with a commercial fogger. When you hear it close windows and stay in for a bit. But no mosquitoes.
Excursions are good value especially overnighter bus tour to Trinidad with waterfall nature hike.
Food good for Cuba, 11:00-14:00 cuban pizza restaurant near the nude beach is fantastic.
Take a taxi for $2.00 to the commercial center instead of the bus.
Entertainment good but next door at the Melida is better, just sneak in and no one will care as long as you don’t order and thing.
My 4th time in Cuba this was the best so far.