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Hotel Riu Guanacaste

Can ANYONE confirm that this new hotel has even BEEN STARTED
If so any guess as to when it might open?? I know what the Riu
web page says and shows. But no one is saying if it has even been started??? Thanks

Construction has been stopped as of today for health concerns. Story at http://www.ticotimes.net , but only in todays news.

The workers baracks were shut down due to health issues. There were 1500 workers on site with the hotel 1/3 complete, to open Jan 2010. One of the few hotels going ahead right now despite the economic woes globaly.
See - http://www.thebeachtimes.com/article.php?id=2&at=2370

Very interesting read. However I’m not quite sure just who is to blame here, the RIU chain or it’s subcontractors. We have stayed many many times at RIU resorts and found the management to be excellent. But saying that, I woulds surly hope that this health issue is resolved very quickly no matter whose fault it is.

Its open! Cannot find any Tour Operators offering this Hotel yet.

Happy Travels!

yup, it’s open …friend of mine returned March 4th … had a great time and loved the place. Definately recommends it.

Its now July 2010-almost 2 years since the post began.

Im just giving my reviews which I have done on other boards (Trip Advisor) before discovering this board.

My Friend and I went from June26 to July 3 2010. We had an amazing time.

Overall, its a 5 star hotel but food is more 4-4.5 star. Staff are amazing. Management (particularly upper) left a bad taste in our mouth. Remote area so unless you there only to sunbathe, drink and eat, highly recommend that you rent a 4x4 (Toyota Rav will do) and avoid corollas. As 2 young single women, we managed the rough roads and its easy to get in and out. 30-40 minutes into Liberia. 15 minutes into Playas Del Coco.

Hotel better for Families and newly weds/couples. Singletons, good -as long as one of you drives.

Amazing beach- quiet and locals are very friendly.

My trip Advisor Review is under the hotel is titled “Service Makes up for everything else”. I detailed as much as I could so not worth repeating again here.

Beach and Light!

A part of it is open but… Funny we TA’s were told it will NOT be fully open till Nov 2012?

That was @ a product launch last week.

Happy Travels!