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Hotel Shuttle or Taxi

Does anyone know how much it costs for a taxi from the Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya, specifically the Bahia Principe?

We hate waiting for the shuttle where ever we go. I figure the taxi could shave 30-45 mins off the trip.



Hi Chuck, Sorry I don’t know the cost. Just a reminder to let your tour company rep at the airport know you will not be going with them. A lot of people take private transport and forget to tell them and the others on the bus are stuck waiting for people who are not even there anymor. Just a thought.

Thanks Terry. We make sure to tell the tour operator. No fun sitting on the bus waiting for someone that’s not coming.


Hi Chuck, There is a lot of info about this topic over at the TripAdvisor Akumal forum. Some people go the “limo/van” route (no pun intended ;)) with USTransfers and CancunValet services–not sure of the exact names. They are pricey because they are private transportation (just your group): roughly $145 US round trip for the vehicle. For that cost, two of you can take a day-long excursion somewhere (and then some!) :stuck_out_tongue: Surely there are cheaper methods to circumvent the waiting-for-stragglers problem. If you find any, please p.m. me! ;D Thanks, travelchick

During the orientation seminar at the Bahia, we were told that if we missed our bus headed back to the airport, a taxi would cost $150US, we have always been ontime for that ride. I can always use the money for “gooder” things. The 30-40 minutes you might save, just isn’t worth that much to me, but to each his own.

Jake, eh

call me strange ( I know some would) but the bus ride sometimes can be a fun part of the trip, meeting new people, the exitment of getting to your resort, the cold beers, I know a few bus trips our crew’s been on we still talk about… you just never know what will happen or what you will see.

chuck, is it just two of you, or are you traveling with others? If you’re with a group, a private transfer might be a good option as you’d be able to split the cost. I’ve used AGI myself, but also hear lots of positive feedback re: Jeromi Transfers. Jeromi will shuttle 4-7 people one-way, to the Bahia, for 90USD. Even if it’s just the two of you, these transfer companies might still be an okay option: I see Jeromi offers one-way to Bahia Principe, for up to 3 people, for $70USD. See http://www.jeromitransfers.com/mayan_riviera.html

Happy travels, however you get there :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your input. We can put $150 to much better use than paying for transportation.

Any other locations we’ve stayed only ever cost $30 to $50 for a cab to or from the airport.

I do enjoy the bus ride at times but when you are anxious to start your vacation a 90 minute bus ride feels a little long.


Don’t give it a second thought chuck355, once they open that cooler, you’ll be there before you know it…have a great trip.

Jake, eh

;D yup your along ways away, take the tour bus thats included, most times they will stop for beer and so on. I agree that its the best time to meet some people from all over.

Taxi’s are not cheap any where there, Cripes I hated paying 18$ one way to get in to Playa to sniff around.

Speaking of the tour bus, felt so bad for a couple that was staying at the same resort as me. We got to the airport from our resort…mind you an hour away, and their luggage was left at the hotel… :o Which was really lame since their luggage was next to mine.

Any who, their luggage arrived and was checked and we boarded the plane 15 minutes later.

A good reminder for everyone to WATCH their luggage being loaded, and for Gosh Sakes, don’t leave house keys, or car keys in CHECKED BAGGAGE.

We use these guys and we love them