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Hotel suggestions please

Does any one have any suggestions on which hotel would be best to take my family this winter? I have two boys age 13 and 10 and would I want to keep them busy. I have narrowed it down to Punta Cana area, and definitely am looking at an all inclusive. Thanks for any help!!!

It would help if you stated a budget as there a number of hotels in different price ranges and where are you flying out from.

I’d be leaving from Detroit and would like a moderately priced resort. I am most concerned that the kids have lots to do and eat.

Catalonia Bavaro

Wud, wondering why you suggest the Catalonia? We are looking at taking the kids with us this year tool.

we are considering the majestic colonial as we went there (hubby and i) 2 yrs ago… it lots for kids to do, a great play/pool area for them and all the families we spoke to loved it…

our only issue is we are a family of 7 and would need two rooms… i dont think the majestic has any connecting rooms :frowning:

Although I have not yet been to this resort, (I am getting married there in June) but there will be 2 kids age 13 coming on our trip to the Dreams Punta cana. It seems like that have a decent kids section and pool but I can not advocate on how their kids program actually is.
I do know that the Iberostar complex always had the kids at the resort entertained when I went there but not actually having kids I can only answer based on observation.

Yeah i guess Catalonia Bavaro is the one that is going to suit you because what you have talked about and required is what these people can give you.So yeah its fine enough mate and should be talked about a lot so yeah that is how it goes.