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Hotels at North coast

Many hotels at the North coast (Playa Dorada, Sosua and Samana) sent about 50% of their staff home yesterday for an unpaid leave of 90 days.
Because occupation is very low and even for x-mas they are not well booked.
it is so said. Many of my friends were sent home. They will not be paid for 3 months and they can only hope and pray that economics will be better so they will be rehired after 90 days. If this is not the case, maybe they can come back and the other 50% will be sent home then

That is very unfortunate, but with the economy going downhill fast, not alot of travellers going south this year. Look at all the great deals to be had, even the tour operators are having a tough time selling vacations.

Not really suprising though. Many peoples prorities have changed in the current financial situation with holidays coming fairly low down the list.

That’s really too bad. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. It hasn’t snowed much yet (in some parts of Canada) and the REAL cold hasn’t settled in either… Hopefully, people will start booking as as soon as it does. This is terrible, especially with Christmas coming… Let’s hope that we also see some improvement with our economy in order for people to have a little bir more stability with their finances.

It really is a shame. These people are probably the nicest in the World and have learned to do with out and take so much good care of their children. I fear that it will get worst before it gets better. For example the few people that went there this past 3 months booked before the world economy took a hit. I fear what will happen next year. But the Dominicans, unlike others, know how to like happy and make do with that they got.

Vacationman…perfecto! Dominicans are survivors and no matter what happens they will survive. My extended family in Guananico are also feeling this recession as they survive on construction. I just sent $50.00 so that they can have a wonderful meal for Christmas. Please keep in mind I am not overly benevolent but my wifes daughter, and a little girl whom we are in the process of adopting deserve this simple thing. (In case you did not know, I am married to a Dominicana who after over 2 years is finally here with me in the U.S.)